Saturday, May 8, 2010

Someplace To Land

Standing in line to see the show tonight
And there's a light on, heavy glow.
By the way, I tried to say, I'd be there
Waiting for

Normally I am not a fan of Red Hot Chili Peppers ballads - City of Angels makes me want to hurl - but I don't think By The Way counts as a ballad because of all the staccato funk going on in there too.  Anyway, sometimes that verse gets stuck in my head and plays on a loop.  Here's a link to the song, I can't embed it.

Like during Dirt Therapy today.  I swear, somebody is going to come along and revoke my Southerner card for all the azaleas I've dug up in the past few months.  This one was in the way of the new path to the garden though.  I HAD to do it.  Maybe they'll reinstate me if I plant some gardenia bushes.  Or let honeysuckle and wisteria climb all over the new shed I'm getting.

See, Mama don't 'zactly know how to love people, so she gifts them instead.  As a result of my coming along with them yesterday, she now 10x10-shed-on-sale-at-Sear's me.  It's being delivered next Friday.  I am very excited about this.  I even get to put it together myself!  I dare you to try to tell me I can't do that.  Because you know I can.  I'm all kinds of omnipotent and junk

But sometimes being that powerful sucks.  Because I don't have anyone I can break down all over if, say, I felt like breaking down today some random other time in the future.  Oh sure, there's Audrey, but today is Dennis's birthday party and she is busy enduring those hell on wheels shenanigans.  And of course there's NBF1, but she's like 4 hours away.  But I have to revise this part now because I just went to my mailbox and found a package from her with THIS inside:

What the hell was this for?  There wasn't even a card.  It's a little ceramic owl container with chocolates and owl cookie-pops.  The owl is our sorority emblem/totem thing.  That's just about the cutest damn thing ever.  Thank you NBF1!  You goofball.

But, anyway, god, am I going to sound stupid for this next part?  Probably.  Fuck it, already wrote it out and it was on my mind so, whatever.

The kind of catch-me-when-I-fall comfort I'm looking for is to be able to just curl up into a ball and die for a little while in someone's arms.  Tuck my head under your chin, wrap yourself around me and just shut the hell up while I disappear for a while.  I don't even care if there's a game on.  Well, unless you start to get all jumpy about the score.  That would probably piss me off.

Anyway, that kind of landing place would be good about now but I don't have anyone like that.  Eh, maybe one person, but we tried dating a few years ago and we are much better as friends with a very rare and sporadic benefit.  I don't think he even watches sports.  One HELL of a comic book collection though.  But that doesn't fit the bill for today.

So, I texted Cindy Brady's boyfriend Blackbeard earlier to see if he and his friends were doing anything tonight.  But, wait, don't get the wrong idea.  Shit, I should have given this a segue, shouldn't I?  Here's the deal: Cindy Brady is graduating from (choir voice) AAAARRRRT SCHOOOOL this month and Blackbeard is throwing her a party.  I am helping.  We need to talk about guest list and plans and stuff.  That's why I texted him.  Not because, y'  Gah.  But whatever, the Things are with X tonight and I'm feeling all blah and Blackbeard is one of the few people on the planet I trust right now.  I haven't heard anything back though, so I'll probably just cocoon here and watch Betty White on SNL.

And maybe click on a few more "Next Blog" things to surf the "competition."  I did that for a little bit earlier and, um, is it mean to say that some of these people are boring as shit?  I mean, talk about your kid's health all you want.  Your forum.  I'm not here to stop you, but could you at least make it interesting?  Or informative?  And you, over there, with the FAITH...some kind of heads up before you start proselytizing would be nice.  I was right there with you til He entered the picture.  Now my skin feels all crawly-like.  I surfed a couple more too but my eyes started to glaze over.  Maybe I just wasn't in the right mood. 

Even MORE reason why I should attend Blogapalooza in August!  Seriously, if anyone can't use their ticket and needs to sell it?  EMAIL ME, please.  I will bestow upon you the Major Award of an entire post dedicated to your literary blognificence.  And if you also happen to have an in for the Sparklecorn Extravaganza?  I am not above promising sexual favors.

EDIT: There was a just thinking of you note with the owl stuff.  NBF1, you are seriously goofy.  Love you.
EDIT #2: That RHCP video is almost exactly what the competing speed voices in my head look like out loud.


Anonymous said...

Got your back, girl. Send you something for no reason? That is just the point...silly, rabbit...

Anonymous said...

Oh, and hope you shared with the boyz...Keep the chocolate for yourself... XOX

Silver said...

They haven't gone after the cookie-pops yet! Shocking. I'll give them those for dessert tonight. Thank you again. Call me later, dude.