Monday, May 3, 2010

Transition? Transplant? Something With a T

I did a little deck work this afternoon.

I know it's not the most beautiful improvement or anything but it's functional. 

Now, I can get to the garden area without walking around the deck and I can get to that water spigot without gymnastics. 

Most importantly, I used a saw, sledgehammer and crowbar and it only took me about 30 minutes of total work time.  At first, I thought I should save something like this for when I had some big, impressive stress to work through but I kept sawing anyway.  Then X called in the middle with a health update.  After that?Perfect moment for the sledgehammer and crowbar.  Thank you, Serendipitous Timing.

He said that he got test results back from the new GP.  They were very encouraging.  His levels are looking good.  So that's great, right? 

Well...hard to tell if you're a big, fat skeptic like me who wasn't there for the phone call or office visit or however this information was conveyed.  Last time he was in the hospital there was one doctor who seemed to see through the garbage X and Mama were spewing forth.  That doctor said point blank that if your liver is functioning at severely diminished capacity then having "normal" levels actually means having abnormally high levels.  Finally, somebody said something that made sense to me during that episode.

I reminded X about that today and asked him if we could possibly be in the same situation here.  He said no.  All his levels was exactly where they're s'pose-ta be.  He sounded happy on the phone even.  I'm over here with brows deeply furrowed in disbelief but managed a smiling, encouraging, "Well then, that's good news!  So Friday should be no problem then?  Whew!"

Friday is the Transplant Evaluation.  I can't tell if he wants a new liver, if he even thinks he needs a new liver, or if he thinks the whole idea of a transplant is all a bunch of bullshit and he's gonna push through this Advanced Cirrhosis and be just fine no matter what them docs say.  Probably the last one. 

Man, I wish I could go with them on Friday but between work and kids and the fact that he doesn't want me anywhere near a doctor's office with him since the last time when I ratted him out for still drinking...yeah, not gonna happen.  I told him to take a tape recorder. 

I've now changed my mind for video camera.  It made Farrah's story so compelling.  I probably can't pitch it to him like that, can I?.  I should pitch it as his "beating the odds" story.  That might work.

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