Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Forget

I forget stuff all the time.  Stupid, simple stuff.  Big stuff.  I am a forgetter of stuff.
  • Bring money to the store - Last week.  There went that cart of groceries. 
  • Turn off the iron - Thankgod for Auto Shut Off.  My house would have been reduced to cinders years ago.
  • Put the clothes in the dryer - "Here, wear this.  Oh gimme a break, it doesn't even smell.  Consider it practice for being a teenager."
  • Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week - Now why in the world would I block out something like that?  Hmmmm....
  • Nameless Best Friend #1's new blog name - I totally picked one last night.  I remember rolling it around in my head for a while.  I am sure it was brilliant and made perfect sense.  Now?  I can't think of it.  gah!
  • Set the timer on the XBox - There is WAY too much Modern Warfare 2 going on lately.  I'm going to have the Things sit down with me and watch The Pacific to get some perspective.  I love HBO docu-dramas.
  • I already have bacon - Just like my mother used to forget that we already had jalapeños.  So there were usually six jars in the fridge at any given time.  I have a LOT of bacon right now.  S'okay.  I'll use it.  Mmmm, bacon.
  • Being responsible for my 20 year reunion - How could I forget that?  Dunno.  It slipped my mind for a few days.  And I had a minion frail on me so now I've got 30 names on the class list to stalk.  So it is doubly important I stay on top of this.  Shit.
  • My car windows were open - Not so happily reminded on mornings after a storm.  My car smells fabulous by the way.
  • Jan Brady is pregnant - She's having a girl.  End of July.  Sometimes this whole thing doesn't even seem real to me.  I should really remember this one more often.
  • We're facebook friends - And then I run into you and say something like, "Hey, I'll friend you!" and you're all confused looking and say, "We're already friends." and I'm like, [wince] "Shit!  I suck." and you go, "That's okay, I'm not on a whole lot." and I still walk away looking like an asshole.  (I was totally not talking about YOU.  Of course.  Of course I know WE'RE friends.  geez.)
I forget what else I forget.  But this name thing for NBF1 is driving me nuts.  Maybe I'll remember tonight.  And maybe I will WRITE IT DOWN this time.  Duh.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I MUST hear this one!! Being NBF#1, do I even get a vote? Crap, I didn't think so. Oh, please let it be...