Thursday, June 3, 2010

And Now, Back to the Show

In a fit of "the kids are gone for the night and I have to get out of the house" I went on a walk.  Four and a half miles according to Google.  It took a little longer than an hour; I just needed to clear my head.

Which resulted in the chorus of Hey Soul Sister playing on a loop at random intervals.  I have no idea why.

I went through every sitcom and movie best friend/sidekick I could fucking think of trying to come up with a name for Nameless Best Friend #1 'cuz Ken totally LOLed and called me out about that last night on Twitter apparently but I didn't see it until this morning because after yesterday's post I had to walk away from the internet for a while.

Anyway, you know what?  Not a lot of good female best friend/sidekick material to choose from in the Mainstream Media Rolodex In My Head.  There may be more, I'm sure there's more, than I readily know about but all I could think of was Rhoda.  And NBF1 is definitely not Rhoda.  Shirley?  Close.  Ethel?  Yeah, not.  But I did come up with something eventually.

Nameless Best Friend #1 is now Betty.  In honor of all the great, beautiful, shy Bettys through the years but mainly for Betty Draper.  Not that her husband resembles Don Draper except for him being a "suit."  He's still Vanilla Pudding...but he's getting better.  Perhaps graduating to a Creme Brulee...we'll see.  So anyway, NBF1 is now Betty.  Happy Ken?  pffbbt!

So I got home from the walk, and stretched of course, then promptly had a borderline narcoleptic episode on the sofa because big emotional processing days do that to me.

Between amazingly supportive feedback and going to the school for the Big Reveal after 65 days of lab rat testing on Thing 2 to determine if he has a learning disability - I was done.  The whole evaluation was weird, and kinda funny.  They decided that what we've been saying all year long is correct.  He needs extra attention in class.  He gets a special tutor for 3rd grade.  Um?  Duh?  But thanks for taking the time to cover your asses I guess?

They described Thing 2 as attractive and athletic at least three times in the report, which is very important academically as everyone knows.  (?!)  My favorite assessment was that he is "peacefully unproductive."  Note to self: Keep this kid away from pot in the future.  Peacefully unproductive + marijuana = CBS (Cute But Stupid) and then I'll never get him out of the house.

Besides that, I got an unbelievable deal on Reunion postcards; they'll be mailed out by the end of the month.  Thank you, Place I Worked for a Little While Last Year!  AND I get to go to The People's Party the night before BlogHer '10!  But don't look directly at me if you see me there.  Because I'm pretty sure the spinny, bursting stars in my eyes might blind you.  And I don't want to be responsible for that kind of injury.  You've been warned.

OH!  And if you're looking for a place to crash for the blogapalooza?  My darling hostess/roommate and I may have a spot available.  So, let me know - dreams come true every day, people.  Everything is possible.

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