Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Collecting My Thoughts

Audrey and I went to dinner tonight.  It was a blast.  I love her Independent Self.

My Dad is having issues relating to his general colon area and he doesn't want to deal with that.  I don't want to fucking deal with that either but I know I'm going to have to at some point or else I'll have to bury another parent.  Dead parents are like my least favorite thing to deal with ever.

There's this crazy Twitter war thing happening and I'd like to rally but unless I'm given a specific directive I'm not sure how to help other than stand on the side of "bullies suck out loud and should be kneecapped."  And pointing out that someone is being a bully doesn't make you a bully and when people think that it lets me know they're stupid.

I'm still working on that Superheroes who fight Stupid instead of crime post.  It is rapidly evolving.

It's the middle of June?  Huh?

I got my hair cut today.  I believe I learned way more about the chick with the scissors than I ever thought possible in a 30 minute period and while I'm happy with the cut I wish she wouldn't have taken her aggressions toward her daughter's baby daddy family out on my head with a paddle brush at the end of the styling process.

And why do strangers always tell me deeply personal stuff?  This has been going on for decades.  I don't mind it.  I actually find it useful for future Junior Counselor to the Free World sessions.  I'm just curious why they feel so free to spill things. 

Can these overcast days just shut the fuck up?  Humidity?  fine.  All I ask is that I get enough sun to ditch the farmer tan before the 20 year reunion mini beach party on Saturday.  No amount of hypnotizing sassy bikini will hide a shorts tan on camera.  If it's obvious in pictures?  For the love of god, don't fucking tag me.  Otherwise I look forward to seeing you this weekend.

The outlaws are all back in town after two weeks being gone.  And again my heart seizes every time I hear sirens leave the hospital around the corner. 

Last day of school for the Things is Friday.  I'm not sad to wave goodbye to this academic rollercoaster from hell. 

I get to help Cindy Brady write her resume tomorrow.  Anybody know how to write an artist's resume?  I thought a portfolio would do...apparently I have some things to learn.  thankgod I'm quick on the uptake.

I'm probably days away from feeling comfortable enough to promote le blog on Networked Blogs and therefore Facebook.  In front of hundreds of people I know and see in real life.  I have many moments of self doubt about that.  I try to remember that someday I won't give a fuck.  I should just act as if that someday already happened.  Right? 

Being who I am out loud means actually being out loud.  Right? 

No fear. 

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Wendi said...

Superheros who fight Stupid? That could be a best seller.