Thursday, June 17, 2010

Superhero Saga - Part 1

Hope seems to flicker toward fading as a dark shadow looms large on the horizon.  Stupid is closing in.  This may be our last hour and therefore our time of greatest need.  When the Idiot Collective runs rampant, threatening all we know to be true and good in the world...who among us will rise up to defeat this tyranny of ignorance?

Bound together by friendship and the deep need to break the spell stupidity seems to have on the general consciousness, three women will set forth on an epic journey to change the world.  Will they find themselves forever changed along the way?

What started as a tension-breaking moment of brevity in response to a personal affront will become a crusade to inspire thousands.  Our heroines will meet others who share their vision of freedom from the Idiot Collective's chaotic reign.  They will join forces, organize efforts and systematically root out those who instigate and encourage Evil Stupid behavior thereby thwarting the plot to reduce all human brain activity to that of a single celled organism.

Like the Dread Pirate Roberts, the Idiot Collective does not have just one mastermind at the helm but rather an elaborate, carefully guarded network who command unsuspecting minions using greed and fear.  Ignorance and hate spread like a plague.  The masterminds watch gleefully as people glut themselves on self indulgence and close their minds so perception extends no further than their own skin.  Playground politics have become the order of the day.  The world grows lazy and fat.  Life expectancies drop for the first time in the history of modern civilization.

Yes.  Their hour of triumph has almost arrived and the masterminds herding the Idiot Collective have become so blinded by their own success that they have forgotten a basic law of physics.  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  They will never see the revolution coming.

Like a tidal wave that spawns from a tremor in the distant sea, the backlash against the Idiot Collective will seem to be a force of nature.  It will be a torrent of passionate brilliance surging forth with a tremendous power that will obliterate the screaming toxicity of witlessness.   Vacant brains will be filled with a sea of knowledge and more will be right with the world.

To be continued...


Wendi said...

This is probably the most shallow question ever our superheros have awesome costumes for this battle with the idiots?

Silver said...

Oh, absolutely! I spent a good deal of the afternoon yesterday even sketching them out. The costumes are fantastic.

Just wanted to start out with a preface or introduction or whatever...wardrobe and adventures to follow.

Also, there will be franchise opportunities available soon, so start imagining up your own costume and special talents and tools to combat the Idiot Collective.
We'll need all the help we can get! :)

Mez said...

Can I be a superhero too? The Mesmerizer.....I use my hypnotic abilities to force the stupidity out of those who need it!

Silver said...

Mez, Yes! I'm thinking you can lure them in with wine and pastry and then there's some kind of way to use your camera as a reframing tool...still rolling that one around in my head. It'll be really cool though. :)