Friday, June 18, 2010

Superhero Saga - Part 2

They were once just ordinary suburban mothers whose lives were consumed with details of the every day. When our heroines embraced a cause greater than themselves, when they began the crusade against the Idiot Collective's Evil Stupid agenda, they too became greater. They became superheroes.

Someone once said that revolutions are not born out of worsening conditions. Revolutions happen when bad conditions start to improve. And that is exactly what happened with Silver, Betty and Audrey. Each of them in their own way experienced tastes of freedom and small moments of victory. And a part of them knew the small mindedness of Status Quo would no longer be acceptable. The stifling restraints of narrow thinking had left them gasping for air and one simple plan broke the ties that bound them to the misery of "normal."

Betty, feeling the frustrated longings of a new mother who had left her impressive career as an International Jet-Setting Business Woman to stay home and raise her two children, wondered if maybe there was a way to do both. Stay home? Work according to your own schedule? Multi-task? Surely the concept of telecommuting wasn't new but she couldn't find anything that worked the right way for what she needed. So she invented a new business model. One which would fill her needs and the needs of so many others. A few years later her fleeting wish reframed the entire workforce paradigm. When she had the means to leave her lackluster reality in favor of adventures more suited to her nature she left that reality behind and took her children and her friends with her.

Betty, Audrey and Silver relocated to a secluded waterfront oasis. They raised their children and talked of things possible in the world. Yet even as they marched along their journey they were met with so many "can't"s and "shouldn't"s and general disapproval. More small thinking. More ignorance and negativity. After much time at their refuge, Shorehaven they called it, they discovered a pattern of greed and fear in all this annoyingly small thinking. Asking the question, "Who benefits?" they began an investigative quest which led them to the Idiot Collective and all its feeble-minded minions. These masses of lemminglike people who existed in a constant state of defensive panic and used words like Victim and Blame and They far too often were under a powerful spell that needed breaking.

Our heroines weren't sure they could do it, but they had no reason not to try and everything to gain if they succeeded.  So they set out on an epic crusade to replace the words Victim, Blame and They with words like Courage, Responsibility and We.

But first, they would need Superhero Identities.

Betty Draper (aka Double Cross):   Logistics Expert.  International corporate connections.  Infiltrates major organizations; finds vulnerabilities and design flaws in their network; strategically plans organizational overhaul.

Laser vision sees through bullshit.  Very good with whips.

Black patent leather suit with backless bustier includes silver spiked signature Double Cross "belt" that snakes around from neck to boots.  Can be deftly detached and used as a whip/lasso.  Spikes are tipped with highly potent sodium pentathol for uncovering the objective truth.  The cape is there because Betty likes capes.

Audrey (aka Dee Coy): Language Expert.  Specializes in undercover sting operations.  Fluent in all the dialects of Evil Stupid speak.  

Red spandex suit has deeply zippered front to reveal both cleavage and/or hypnotizy medallion as needed.  Hypnotizy medallion is a holographic mirror in which people are presented with two versions of reality. One version is what would happen if their pervasive idiotic viewpoint were allowed to take over the world (destruction, chaos, very scary and apocalyptic).  The other shows what would happen if they'd just open up their minds, show some compassion and basically shut the fuck up unless they have something worthwhile to contribute to the rest of the world. (Happiness, serenity, love, light and wonderfulness all's totally cool).

Silver (aka Quicksilver...come on, it's hard to improve on this name): Action Expert.  Fearless.  Often sent in as a target to draw out key players in the Idiot Collective.  Superpower: Highly electrically charged. 

Internal phaser capable of stunning Idiot Collective members into submission at which time psychic surgical probes revive neuron activity.  Phase level Kill is only to be used in cases of extreme unction when all other methods of reframing Evil Stupid have failed.  They have not failed yet.

Stay tuned for the harrowing tales of adventure, intrigue and many wtf?! moments as the journey gets underway

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