Sunday, June 27, 2010

This is Not a Real Post

I absolutely cannot be compelled to write anything of value right now.  I just finished watching this week's True Blood and that last scene...just...what? thefuck?!  I'm not going to spoil it for you.  But, jumpin' cats, I think I watched that through my fingers.  That was totally creepy and weird.  even for True Blood.

Anyway, Hung is on now and I completely forgot that was premiering tonight.  And then Entourage and I swear I'm going to stay current with that this season.  Probably.  We'll see. 

Also, I have spent hours upon hours reading my new flavor of the blogosphere.  He writes, or rather wrote (I'm still in his 2006), every day.  Sometimes twice.  I kind of apologize now to anyone who tries to catch up on a daily blog from the beginning.  Even though I didn't start the Great Blogsperiment until February of this year.  If you start reading from my first post, it's probably not hard to catch up to there.  Then, it's probably like walking waist deep against a current.  Fascinating though.  I mean, this guy is fascinating.  I do not want to get out of the water.

So I read and read (andreadandreadandread) but then I do have to get up for a minute.  Put the clothes in the dryer.  Daydream through the crossword puzzle.  Go lie down.  Something totally mindless.  There's a LOT going on in that head of his and it is a LOT to process.  I haven't read anything like it before.  I am totally not telling you who it is either.  And no.  He hasn't emailed back.  yet.

And I'm sure this post won't further creep him out at all.

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