Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why Worry?

I spent the better part of the day freaking out that my 20 year high school reunion is THREE MONTHS away.  ohmygodthreemonths.  As many of you know, I am not freaking out because of the reasons most people freak out like nervousness at seeing people and wondering how your lives measure up after all this time...that sort of stuff.  Nope.  *I* am going off the spool because I. Am. Planning this thing.  Or rather not planning.  Procrastinating planning.  Only have a quarter of the contacts I need to send out invitations because even though SOME of my minions are very diligent and wonderful OTHER of my minions couldn't care less.  They can't even really be considered minions at this point because of how little they care these days.  As such...they are dead to me.

Well, not really.  I mean, they're really fun at parties and I like 'em and stuff so I don't actually want them beheaded which I believe is the traditional way to dispose of insolent minions but I would like to smack them around a little and say, WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?!  which is actually, like I said, I what I spent most of the day doing to myself.  My Inner Drill Sergeant was brutal today.

So I went out and got ink for the printer.  AND -totally unrelated- a new camera!  yay!  total surprise purchase.  Did not see that one coming at all but it was on clearance and a super good price and I was very, very excited about this. 

Know how excited I was?  I was so excited by my new camera (which isn't schmancy or anything it just takes better pictures than my phone) I was so excited...I crashed into a big, flat sandwich board sign.  With my bicycle.  On a sidewalk.  I wasn't even going fast or anything.  I was going really slow in fact because I had just navigated a weird turn.  I saw the sign the whole time.  And it wasn't even in my way.  And I ran smack into it.  And knocked the sign over.  In front of, like, traffic and stuff.  I didn't have the camera in my hands.  The camera was tied up in the bag in my bike basket. 

I cannot even explain how things like this happen.  I'm just blessed with making an idiot out of myself in public. 

So, that happened.  Then I got home and realized there is no way in the world I can track down 350 people on my own.  Certainly not in time to send out invites.  I am praying that the powers of facebook can really help me out here.  I haven't checked the class email address this evening so I don't know how many of them have responded yet. [makes Wish Really Hard face for 350 unspammy messages in that inbox tomorrow]

And I gotta schedule another committee meeting.  Ugh.  Why I didn't get my act together for the two weeks the kids were gone is beyond me.  Apparently I was much more entertained by wallowing in self-pity for a while after the lackluster beach party event.  Always a good plan.  I highly recommend that.  Really effective method of getting shit done.

But this actually works better because with the kids around I have hardly any time to just sit around and do nothing.  I get into Duck In Shooting Gallery mode and it will be nice to have a solidly terrifying direction to ping toward. 

Because, what?  It's just the 20 Year Reunion...No big deal, right?  It's not like anyone's going to notice if I screw this up.  I have nothing to stress about.

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