Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If I'm Not Multi-Tasking, I'm Not Tasking At All

This time six months ago I hadn't even started the Blog-a-Day Great Blogsperiment. 

This time next month it will be all Blogapalooza, all the time. 

So much.  And here I am.  Stuck in the middle.

I know this silence I feel, this Social Siberia, is temporary.  I know this comes in waves.  I know that I am a "when it rains it pours" person.  And even though right now there's a drought and I really, I mean REALLY wanted Greek food for dinner before I realized there aren't any Greek restaurants within timely biking distance of my house and why do I want to sit alone in a restaurant and eat anyway and I can't hardly get anyone to call me back on the phone  ...I know this won't last forever.  This time next week, next month, I will be starving for a free moment to collect my thoughts and have things settle down.  probably.  I hope.

I am much better as a multi-tasker.

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