Saturday, July 31, 2010

Maybe Nap is Short for Narcolepsy

I thought that little brain purge yesterday might have helped get some crazy out of my head.  It did not.  My head is so cluttered with a millionty five things right now I had to go lie down a couple times today.  THAT helped.  Complete loss of consciousness is a great cure for overwhelm.  for me at least. 

Yes, there are those days I spend doing everything else but roll things around in my head that need to be considered and I have been a late night sitter upper since forever.  But there are days when every single thing in the world will not get out of my head all day long and they careen around like overstimulated children at a Chuck E. Cheese screaming in staccato and making me dizzy.  On those days I have borderline narcoleptic episodes.  like today.

I couldn't even make a list because everything I wrote down triggered another thing I needed to make a list about and the kids interrupted me every 3 minutes it felt like with summons of, "Mom?  Come see this!" or, "I can't find ..." etc. and I was completely distracted.  Not to mention I am second guessing installing TweetDeck on my computer because that submarine *ping* alert everytime someone makes a move elicits a Pavlovian response I find wholly embarassing.

So anyway, naptime!  I just couldn't even function at one point.  The kids were out with friends and I checked out of conscious thought completely.  It was great.  I felt much better after that.  And I realized that a younger version of me would have taken that calm feeling and decided to ignore everything entirely.  Ink every obligation out of my thoughts as if it never existed.  Like, it's all too much to handle that I practically passed out from just trying to organize it in my head, so I shouldn't be handling it at all, right?  I would do that instead of kicking a navigable path through everything and getting things done.  I still do that sometimes but nowhere near like I used to.

Anyway, this is just more stream of consciousness.  I'm not going to keep prattling on and giving you detailed lists of the entire contents of my suitcase for blogapalooza.  I'm not going to share with you the spreadsheet for the high school reunion or snap a photo of my appointment calendar because quite honestly, I haven't gotten so far as to organize all of that because after the nap I just thought I'd give my brain a rest for a few hours and wonder if the frog on my doorstep would really turn into Prince Charming. 

Besides, if detailed lists of every minute of my next week to two months of my life gives ME narcolepsy then I can't imagine you'd be any more entertained by it. 

It's because I care, really.  you're welcome.

Oh, also!  Very awesome!  Oh my god I can't believe I almost forgot this for a second, well, I kind of can because my head is a jumbled mess but HEYGUESSWHAT?!  Since TJ at StudioEightOneSix was kind enough to choose me for last week's Questions for a Blogger at Studio 30+ I got to interview the next person.  I interviewed Miss Banshee!  She does The Bachelor/ette and Dancing with the Stars recaps over at MamaPop that I love so much and link a lot on my facebook wall.  And I recall gushing about her to you here after I found her this Spring and holy cats...she's really cool.  So, CLICK HERE to read the interview.  Thanks!

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