Monday, July 12, 2010

What Do You Do?

What do you do?

I hate that question.  Because I don't have a good answer. 

I work part time.  Write.  Read.  Counsel my friends.  Keep up with batshit crazy reality TV.  Be a Mom. 

I need a hobby.  But I am too uncoordinated to take up sports.  I mean, unless they make tripping over flat surfaces an official sport...I got nothin' to offer in the athletics department.  I jumped out of a plane.  One time.  But again, I don't think "falling" counts as a hobby.

I would consider surfing if I didn't have a paralyzing fear of sharks.  Seriously, I went para sailing in Aruba and loved that but envisioned sharks in the water with mouths open waiting for me to fall from the sky like that stunt shrimp flipped at a Hibachi Steak House.  I jet skied in Atlantis and loved that too but almost had a panic attack at one point as I imagined flying across the water and into the mouth of a huge, Jawsy-style jumping Great White shark mouth.  I could even freak myself out in a swimming pool looking half underwater with a scuba mask.  Not kidding.  Probably not going to take up surfing.

No golf.  Too much golf in my life already.  Running?  Hiking?  Nuh-uh.  Nature walk?  fine.  Once you get inclines and speed involved, you've lost me.  You can find me in the showers after you recover from your mental break.

See, I just wonder what I'm going to have to bring to the table if I ever get a date.  Writing is so solitary.  TV?  Computer?  same.  I make a killer Eggplant Parmesan and have a razor sharp wit that enough?  Do I need to be athletically thrilling in the X-treme Sports arena in some way?  I just don't think I can swing that.  And I don't want to.

Put me in any social situation though and a memorable time will be had, I can assure you.  Socializing should be a sport. I could win trophies if being good at people was a sport.

On a slightly related note, I am so looking forward to Blogapalooza and it is less than a month away.  I looked at the pre-conference email they sent out and saw there's going to be more than TWO THOUSAND people there.  I am only pissed about this because I don't know how in the world I'm going to get to talk with everyone I would love to talk with in the span of three days in the middle of THAT many people!  How am I going to find you?!

Anyway, this veered off from my original point.  I need a hobby.  Right now that hobby is writing.  I don't even care how solo that feels from here at the moment because I have virtually met so many cool people online because of this experience and I get to maybe meet more of you in person very soon.  Can't wait. 


KLZ said...

Um, yes, a razor sharp wit is enough. That's all I really look for in anyone, ever.

Silver said...

Thanks. Yeah, if somebody can't keep up and/or challenge you...what's the point?

Mez said...

This might or might not help with the "shark problem"....