Monday, August 30, 2010

Not a Freak Out Mom. sorry?

Before you read me, today is the last day to pleasepleaseplease go click and vote for funding to cure Juvenile Myositis: LINK:  I met Kevin at blogapalooza and he was really sweet and smart and someone I liked getting to meet.  His daughter needs your help.  Thank you so very much.


Thing 2 got hit by a car tonight.

This is not a freak out moment for me.  He was fine.  I mean, he did get hit by an actual goddamn car because he ran out in the middle of the street in a game of Man Hunt or Tag or whatever when it was just past dusk and even though the car.  A whole fucking car.  Ran over his foot.  He is fine.

Thing 2.  My adventure boy.

Good grief.

His ankle and foot were purplegreen bruised when he got back to me.  I wrapped him up in Tincture of Arnica and an ace bandage.  I did not freak out.  I am not a freak out mom.  Because he is fine.  You don't freak out when your kid is fine.  You freak out maybe a smidge about running out into the street when I've told you 87 times at the very least to not do that.  Maybe.  But just a smidge.  Because he's already hurt and pretty shaken up and yelling is not the right tack to take here.  Mostly you say, "Now do you understand why this is maybe a bad idea?  That maybe cars are going too fast and not looking for you and please for the love of everything play in the court and not the main street?  Does that make sense?!"

Why was I not out there watching him?!  Of course I should keep him inside at all times for the rest of his life after this!  ....uh, look, shit happens.  He's fine.  I think a small brush with death might do him a bit of good as a matter of fact.

And why I was not out there aside from the fact that I let my kids play without binocular scopes because that's how I was brought up and I think people have veered too far away from that for reasons I don't agree with?

The aunt of Thing 2's best friend was over to tell me her brother died.  Who was the father of Thing 2's best friend.  So now the kid is an official orphan.  He lives with her down the street.  This is...well, we kind of saw this coming actually but you never see this coming no matter what.  So that was kind of a big deal too.  ex-cuh-use me for being there for a friend.

And the aunt is a teacher at the Things' school and she didn't freak out that much either over the news of the car hitting incident although she and I were both appropriate amounts of seriously concerned.  So on the parenting scale of zero to fine...I'm pretty sure I did just FINE.  dammit.  don't make me feel guilty for not freaking out.  I rarely freak out...I mean about medical things.  I reserve that freak out for when we're good and close to dead...and even then?  Remarkably calm but full of action taking.

That is the most interesting thing that happened today.  I mean, Thing 1 asked if he could cut the grass and he did it and I put a picture up on facebook and everything because that kid just astounds me with his entrepreneurial drive...but that was before the car hitting incident.

And everyone is fine.  A little tired from the events of the day...but fine.

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