Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bracing for Impact

We are meant to live our lives with passion.

And there is a danger in being swept away in so much passion.

Losing yourself in it.

But if you have a passion that lets your true self shine then that is the one to follow.

The one in which you will not lose your self but find it.

That can be a tricky path to walk.  One with many distractions and obstacles along the way that keep you so far from the being there.

This is life.  not easy.  not meant to be.

Nothing that's good is easy.

This sounded like something completely different in my head before I started writing.  But the words rang false when I read them.

This is a moment when I look you right in the eye and say, "If you're serious about this then you move.  Now.  What you get in the end is Life."  And you look at me with a deep breath and soldier the hell forward.  And you know I have your back.

In that moment.  Hearing, "I'm on your side," is enough.

Humor comes later.  But probably during also.  It's me we're talking about.  I can't help but crack jokes along the way.  "It's just a flesh wound" will be heard a ton.  It will distract you from the gunfire and the blood.  There's always blood.  We can handle blood.  We can.

And in the end we will laugh our faces off, but not literally because we're cute and that would be a shame.

And toast to the triumph.

I love you.  Carry on.

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