Saturday, August 28, 2010

You Would Totally Join My Cult

If I ever joined a cult then people would be in for it.  I would be such a good cult person.  I would be one of those door-knocking-on people who would find a way to work my cult into every. single. conversation. nomatterwhat.  I would totally do that. 

I do that with everything I get passionate about for as long as I am passionate about it.  seriously.  I probably have been annoying the hell out of people for years because whenever I get into something whether it's a charitable cause or Weight Watchers or facebook or selling timeshare...good criminy I lose the ability to shut the fuck up.

Because when the only tool you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail.

Eventually I am able to get some perspective on whatever my soup du jour may be and I lighten up on my rants and raves and OHMYGODYOUKNOWWHATYOUSHOULDTRY??!!!???!!! moments.

But while I'm in it?  yowza.

Anyway, right now I love writing.  Right?  So, a friend of mine went a lits bit bananas on my facebook wall the other day with a couple comments to a wall post mentioning Separation of Church and State which was meant to be obscure and sarcastically funny about that Young Life group who is bumping into my reunion party tailgate plans and if you know me at all you should know I don't use facebook for proselytizing but I guess I struck a nerve and she went officially off the spool with a couple of extremely, intensely long comments regarding said mention of Separation of Church and State. 

We cleared everything up via private email.  All?  Is good.  She's been a friend for a long time.  But I did kind of try to lure her into my cult.

Like someone up a couple blocks in the cult pyramid, I also gave her a couple of blog links that might interest her and suggested she might find a community there.  First one's free...  I mean, she is smart and has a complicated life... and sometimes her status updates are long enough that the "See More" option comes up.  And if I gotta click on "See More" to get the whole status update?  Then you need a blog.  Or a therapist.  Maybe both.  But I'm not in therapy at the moment so I'll sell that one to you later.  heh.

So, um....this could be interesting.  Hindsight will tell.

Also, if you have a cult then please stay the hell away from me because good sales people are the biggest laydowns and I have too much else going on right now to get involved with a cult.  thx.

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Suniverse said...

Well, now I'm TOTALLY going full steam ahead on my cult/tv evangelist plans. Be prepared.