Friday, August 27, 2010

Letting You in But Not

I can't tell you about today.  I can't.  Today I am processing things I have never dealt with and don't have enough perspective about to make 100% sense of and they're things I don't feel comfortable ranting about out loud at the moment.  They don't deserve a rant.  They deserve love and action and I'm more 3D about this than bloggy so there's that.

My feelings and ideas about this particular situation are saved for emails and phone calls with sisters and best friends who know me in real life and can give immediate feedback...or delayed by 20 minutes or a day because it's email or a text message or a phone call or all three.  And they know the backstory.  which is incredibly complicated and important in this case.

Sorry guys.  Because even though sometimes I write to you like I'm talking to my best friend and sometimes I write like you're my Dear Diary and it's all therapeutic and I love that and thank you so much I adore you...sometimes you need a 911 operator who knows your particular situation and can send in the necessary cavalry.  Or maybe I needed permission to be the cavalry.  maybe both.  not sure yet.

The upshot of the whole thing...I am not even sure how to sum it up in an obscure yet relevant way...

I am a woman of action.  When faced with a moment of Extreme Unction?  I act.  Repercussions will probably follow.  I will suffer consequences most likely.  But I will live the rest of my life knowing I did everything I knew how to do with the information I had.  And that it was the right thing to do. 

When someone you love is in serious trouble, consequences be damned... You.  Help.

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