Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baseball Diamonds and Stars Align

I did not get chewed out by the baseball coach yesterday.  whew.  Not that I was particularly worried about that, just thought you should know.  He just wanted to tell the parents about his coaching philosophy, which he and I already discussed on the phone last week.  He wants the kids to learn and have fun.  Winning games is icing.  Fine with me.  Thing 1 is excited he'll get to pitch this year.  Thing 2 is fairly well set on playing catcher. 

Me?  I love sitting outside on Saturday afternoons watching the boys steal bases and make plays they didn't know were possible until they tried.  The people watching is fun too.  And if I happen to spy a cute dad with no wedding band...well then, that's just icing for me.  Of course the cute dad sans ring phenomenon hardly ever happens.  Suspecting the next round of divorces won't get in full swing until the kids hit middle school.  Which is fine.  I can wait.  apparently.

Other than that, Mercury is no longer in retrograde, which possibly explains why I was having such an infuriating time over the past few weeks trying to get people to cooperate with me.  And hopefully bodes well for continued success in communicating with the world at large to get the rest of the crap taken care of that needs to be taken care of so my life can inch forward on the path to enlightenment and overall chaos resolution.  As evidenced by the fact that I got a whole ton of stuff on my To Do list crossed off yesterday which then prompted me to make another To Do list during baseball practice that was infinitely longer and more detailed but somehow seems plenty do-able in the next few weeks. 

Whether or not astrology is a bunch of garbage in your opinion, it is the Four Leaf Clover in my pocket for the moment to help me wade through the waters of getting things done.  And it's working, alright?  so just shhh.


Always Home and Uncool said...

As a former catcher, my advice -- carry lots of baby wipes and instant ice packs. Wipes for the grime he'll accumulate on his face and neck; ice packs for, um, misplaced balls.

Silver said...

Wipes and ice packs. noted. Good advice, thanks Kev. And misplaced balls? yikes. fingers crossed the protective gear does its job in that department.