Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thoughts for Wednesday

Phase 27B/6 underway in the great Get Back on the Road campaign.  Only one and a half more phases to go before I have to get to prostrate myself before the Commonwealth and hemorrhage cash all over the DMV to finalize this nonsense.  It's a lot of cash.  I prefer my mistakes be huge and costly.  So that part could take smidge more than a minute.  ::headdesk:: 

But nevermind about that part!  It will be done!  Et cetera!  huzzah and stuff.  [superhero stance.  smile: *ting!*]

Anyway, I switched my browser over to Firefox a few weeks ago because that's what the Home and Uncool kids do these days and I swear to god the keystroke delays are driving me absolutely batty.  Is this a Firefox thing or do I need to clean out my cookies or something?  I'm open to suggestions.  I would even consider another browser thingy.  I'm adaptable like that.  Change doesn't scare me in the least.  But seriously, that sentence just took far too long to type and I have time sensitive shit I need to get done on the computer and with typos and stuff...?  grrroan. 

What else?  [sucks air through teeth.  makes ponderous scrunchy face.  taps fingers on forehead]

I have nothing philosophical or funny to report.  I haven't even tripped over anything recently.  We could talk about the Fall TV lineup and how Big Brother is on tonight and I can't decide who I want to win now that Britney is out of the running.  But nah.  Until I finagle a way to get Showtime back in time for the Dexter season premier, the rest of the TV lineup means nothing to me.  Although I will say that I'm happy to see Steve Buscemi playing a major role in Boardwalk Empire during HBO's Sunday offerings.  Kudos, Steve.  It's about damn time.  I'm really glad you're not playing freaky homeless characters in wacky Adam Sandler movies anymore.  ick.

Oh, oh, oh...I'm pages away from finishing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo after reading intermittently for a month.  This guy seriously needs a better editor.  Lord have mercy, all the words.  And the details are great and stuff but part of me wonders how crucial it is to describe every fucking detail of a cabin's interior.  Is it really important that I know a woodburning stove is made of soapstone or the exact placement of a kitchen sink?  really?  I think not.  Move it along, Stieg.  chop, chop.  What?  Authenticity you say?  Sure, whatever.  Save that stuff for the set designer.  That is my professional opinion.

That being said, I need to wrap this up because these items on my To Do lists aren't going to cross themselves off.

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