Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hey, Next Big Thing? take a number

I would love to laze around and speculate about what I could do next.  Cast a psychic line out into the universe and see what bites.  But there is no next right now.   Right now there is only NOW.  Well, now and a series of mini-nexts in the form of endlessly evolving To Do lists. 

I know, Gah!  How many times can she bring those up!  right?  Well, if you saw how many lists I made in a day then you would understand I'm being ex-ter-eeeeemely conservative with just one or two references to them per post.  The lists are like a living part of me these days.  Like, earlier this evening I even made a list of the things I actually got done today.  I won't spell them all out for you here but I stopped the list at 20 things.  There were more but writing them all down would have taken too long.  and there was more stuff to do.  I am not always this productive.  This is me being in some weird cultpassion vortex of activity.  And I'm still not medicated unless you count caffeine.

So anyway, what I was saying earlier is that I would love to day dream about the next big thing to come round the bend.  But I'm so in the middle of the current big thing(s) that to cheat with sparkly mysterious horizons far, far off in an imaginary distance would be wrong.  Must continue to clear the hurdles and cross the finish line of the race I'm currently running before I skip off to some other track event just because...oooo!  I never tried polevaulting before!  That would be irresponsible.

I do appreciate the suggestions though.  See, I've had a few people excitedly offer up, "You know what you'd be great at...!" ideas recently.  And I like those ideas.  They're all really cool and good and things I kind of maybe considered at some point or another but for whatever reason haven't managed to hurl myself into pursuing yet.  And I will look into them more seriously when I have some brain space not being taken up by spreadsheets and bank accounts and persistent (NOT stalkery thankyouverymuch) followup phone calls and myriad other tasks to cross of my list(s).  And this time next year it will be readily evident how that all turned out. 

But for now...I need to read the last few pages of Dragon Tattoo and slip into a semi-narcoleptic coma until tomorrow when I wake up and lace up the running shoes for another lap around the track. 

Figuratively of course.  I still wouldn't jog if you paid me money.


Always Home and Uncool said...

OK - I dumped the Dragon Tattoo at page 150 or so. TwoBusy assures me if I could stick it until page 200 or so, it finally picks up the pace and becomes worth it. Your take?

Jogging. Eff that.

Silver said...

TwoBusy got me back into reading too! (I also dropped Dragon Tattoo like a hot rock early on) But TB was right. I'm definitely sucked in to the next one now. you'll get there.

Jogging: I only run when chased.