Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jets and Demolition: A Quiet Day at Home

The Blue Angels air show is going on this weekend.  Jets have been scraping through the sky all week long with afterburners shrieking to break the sound barrier and causing children all over town to cover their ears and duck inside their own kitchens as they pass.  "What the heck, Mom!  That sounds like it's gonna crash through the house!"  I know kiddo.  This happens every year.

We like going to the airshow.  But we're skipping it this year.  I just don't feel like parking 2 miles away from the airfield and spending $40 for two funnel cakes and lemonades when I can sit in my own backyard and have phone conversations interrupted every 4 minutes as fighter jets rage over my head.  Ah, the sound of freedom.  Seriously though, I'm just glad they're on our side.

And I don't care what your political affiliations or your thoughts on world peace happen to be and I'm certainly not trying to tell you how to feel, but if you're not slack jaw, toe curling, pit of your stomach awestruck by four or 5 jets rocketing at a 90 degree angle away from the earth in a death defying nose to tail to wingtip to wingtip jigsaw puzzle-like formation?  Then you're dead inside.

I've tried to snap pictures as they fly over the house and circle back around to get to the airfield but they go too fast.  It's like, once you hear them it's already too late to get a good shot.  I did get one of a solo jet but it hardly captures the sound and fury careening over my house today.  Eh.

So, aside from that I'm going to putter around and gather up more stuff for the DAV to cart away on Monday and then take out the other half what yesterday was 16' x 10' x 2' shelving in the garage in prep for the big  remodel.  Because Bob the Builder STILL hasn't shown up yet even though he said he was going to be here on Thursday afternoon or maybe Friday at the latest but he frailed and the shelves are going to have to be dismantled anyway and I may as well kill some time because I have a socket wrench set and some WD40 just sitting right here and our baseball game doesn't start until 4 and taking out the first 8 feet of shelving yesterday was pretty easy actually so why not.

Half of the shelving removed.  Need to set all that other stuff out for the DAV before I take down the rest of it.  obviously.
I would attempt to remove the garage doors but I don't want two gaping holes in the front of the house until godknowswhen and there's electricity involved.  And if we've learned anything in the reading of this online diary then we know it's best that I keep a respectful distance from major electrical projects.  But holy cow, the temptation to take stuff apart is almost overwhelming.

Anyway, that's what my day looks like.  Boys will be gone tonight and I'm going to have to go out and get the sequel to Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, so I'll have something to occupy my time because I have zero social life and Saturday night TV sucks. 

My official review of Dragon Tattoo is this: if you can hang tight through the first part, it really starts to pick up around Chapter 10 and actually becomes a real page-turner.  By the end of the book you're hooked into the rest of the series.  You would have been hard pressed to convince me of that during the first couple hundred pages because trying to get through even one page of that immensely tedious detail made my eyes glaze over repeatedly and want to huck the book across the room just to wake myself up... but that's how it turned out for me.  Stick with it.  See for yourself.

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