Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am only TWO different kinds of illegal right now.  I say only two because this is reduced from the four or five different kinds of illegal I was about a month ago.  Vehicular nonsense to which I have been referring.  At any rate, by the end of the week this stormy period will be fully reduced from Catastrophic Damage to barely a blip on the radar if we're going by the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale standards.  So that's encouraging.

Everything with the reunion is going swimmingly.  My list of details is down to less than a page long and most of those items entail following up with people to whom I have delegated tasks and helping them achieve goals.  Ticket sales spiked briefly last week via PayPal thankgod allowing us to purchase much needed supplies and all I need to do is figure out how to nudge more people into financial action without becoming the most obnoxious entity on facebook in the next three weeks.  So, the reunion no longer feels like OHMYGODTHREEWEEKS!  but more like [deep breath, squared shoulders]  okay.  three weeks.

And the blog.  Good grief I've been so sporadic lately.  I would have written last night but something totally unrelated caught my attention and threw off my train of thought about the PTA Open House and how my X and I went together which was only remarkable because the day before we exchanged some smiling/fang-baring banter during which he threatened to sell the house out from under me.  heh. 

But he can't do that because legally I'd have to sign off on the sale and he knows that but I don't think he knows *I* know that so I didn't bring it up because why escalate some trivial bickering into a fight of global thermonuclear proportions and push him to make good on the same idiotic threat he's been making for the past six years but won't ever follow through with because if he were going to then he would have done that by now and if he ever did then the consequences for him would be far more extensive than a diminished real estate portfolio and he may act all tough but he knows I'm the one who holds the cards here.  So we let that one go fairly quickly.  And the Open House was quite pleasant.

It's a dance we've become pretty good at.  So, when people say, "but you must still care about him" I just smile politely and nod giving noncommittal answers because keeping your enemies closer does not exactly equal love but more of a shrewd negotiating skill and whatever I make that look like to you is part of it.  Really though, most of the time it feels like I'm floating on a raft in shark infested waters as I bandage my wounds and build a bigger boat.

But we are still friends.  when we don't talk about anything real. 

huh.  That took a turn I wasn't expecting.  Anyway, enough with the blogtherapy for now...there's more pressing work to be done.  showering for one thing.  good god.

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