Thursday, October 28, 2010

bullshit and parties

I've gone a week without smoking.  The garage remodel is in the middle.  I blew out the lights in two rooms before 9 am.  Halloween is Sunday and I can think of nothing interesting to say.  I got a massage today?  Do you even care about this?  I'm not sure *I* even care about this.  I can't imagine caring if I were you.  I would be bored half to death of me by now.  self absorbed rambling nonsense.  gah.  ridiculous.

I had a meeting with the Reunion Committee last night.  It was a wrap up sort of.  And a pre-planning thing for the Christmas party.  Because, you know, the reunion was such a hit the people want more.  fans.  *sigh.  what'reyagonnado?

Sooo...Christmas party.  About a million times less planning than the 20 year reunion.  Pick a day.  Pick a place.  Tell people about it.  show up.  done.  maybe get balloons.  bring a camera.  No sweat.  BUT LOTS OF FUN, YOU SHOULD TOTALLY STOP BY IF YOU'RE IN TOWN! WOO!

So there's that.  But then...THEN...after that there's gonna be another party.  A big one.  In the Spring I think.  The Vice Minion suggested it months ago and I literally raised my hand to volunteer for planning it.  it's like I'm obsessed.

See, this town has some kind of big party nearly every weekend of the year.  I've been to a few of them.  Meant to go to more at one point, that was going to be my leap into the dating circuit.  I figured the charity party scene was the perfect place to find a guy I'd be interested in meeting.  Then I think I became profoundly too broke to afford tickets to this stuff or I was otherwise personally dramatic and opted out.  So no luck there.  but be in the eye of the storm of the potential Next Big Event?  Hell fucking yeah, where do I sign up? 

But...we don't have a date yet.  Or a theme.  or a location.  or anything other than the general idea.  He just wants to have a party.  and like I said...yay and stuff...but if he's talking about getting sponsorships and I'm gonna help get them?  then I need a vision to sell.  I can sell anything as long as I know how to spin it.   It would be a casual style somethingorother party and each year the profits would go to a different cause.  After we paid ourselves.  which was an idea he brought up that had never occurred to me but I'm not opposed.  It needs a hook though.  a name.  a something to set it apart from the million other Rescue Squad cookouts and Children's Hospital fishing tournaments and Art Center wine tastings competing for attention. 

I think we start small this Spring.  A core group from the reunion and others who wish they'd been there.  Then it takes on a life of it's own.  But it's gotta have a hook. it's gotta be good.

Good grief.  If I could market myself the way I put energy into parties like that?  I'd have a book deal by now.  or at least a weekly segment on local access cable.  something.

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