Friday, October 8, 2010

Create and Destroy

Create or Destroy.  That's what it comes down to, doesn't it?

My options yesterday were Smash Out a Wall or Monkey Around with Centerpieces.  Naturally my first inclination was to reach for the sledgehammer.  And I landed a couple solid *THUNK*s through the wall.  But then Thing 2 wanted to get in on the action because what's more fun for an 8 year old boy than sanctioned demolition?  maybe unsanctioned demolition.  Anyway, then my mother in law showed up to pick up the boys for some quality time with their dad and sort of put the breaks on Operation Destruction.

Not that she has the ability to tell me what to do anymore but she made me question myself and that sort of pissed me off but it's completely stupid because she thinks that Handy Manny is going to just lay insulation over top of the existing wall and put in drywall over that but that doesn't make any sense because it would be a lot less work to take out the wall, lay insulation in the current framing and pop up fresh drywall than build out a whole nother frame, lay insulation and fuck up the windows and whatever electrical that's already there.  Feel me? I mean, I can email Ty Pennington if I have to about this but I'm pretty sure he'll agree that taking out the existing plaster is the better plan here.

So even though I know she has the wrong idea about how this wall project is going to play out, I lost my destructive energy and all I had to show for my effort was a weak gash through the plaster.  *sigh*

But it actually turns out that was a good thing because we're not going to insulate the wall until the dude comes out and does the "final" inspection on Monday.  (i put that in quotes because the "final" inspection doesn't mean we'll really be done building shit because remember how I told you the outlaws hate red tape more than I do?  this is them sneakily bucking the system.  shhhhh)

And then I had to come up with something else to do.  Enter: Centerpieces for the Reunion.  See?  This is why I like having 17 different things going on at once, there's always something to distract me from laundry.  awesome.  So...okay, remember how I ordered the decorations on my own?  Well, they came in the mail on Monday and I was suffering a little bit of burnout about the whole reunion thing so I didn't even open the boxes until Wednesday which is very out of character because I can let mail sit around unopened for months sometimes but packages are a totally other story. 

Anyway...Oriental Trading can energetically kiss my ass because their merchandise is very disappointing and not at all what I wanted.  Sure, it's what I ordered for the most part (although I think some of their measurements may have been in centimeters and I read inches because holy crap the number of tiny little newborn starfish that had to die so you could make $4.99 plus shipping and handling is pure insanity) but it wasn't what I really wanted.  So I had to return most of it because I'm not going to tout my ideas as all super wonderful and way more fabulously better than inflatable flip flops and plastic pre-school sandbuckets if you can only see them through a microscope and even then they look cheap and shitty. 

So I boxed the stuff up and sent it back and went out and got other decoratory stuff that I like much better anyway AND was about $40 less expensive thankyouverymuch and came up with this:
Now, that's just a preliminary effort and it only took me like five minutes to put together and I'm sure I can get more fancy and creative with it but I think that's pretty representative of what the final product is going to be. 

So there you have it.  Rather than tear part of my house to pieces, I made something pretty.  Well, I guess that's subjective.  You could disagree with me and think my centerpiece sucks or something and I have no taste whatsoever and you would've much rather seen something involving giant novelty sunglasses and a coconut bra and I'm real sorry and stuff but if you want that much cheese you're going to have to order it from Cracker Barrel.

Anyway, I'll be destroying stuff next week. 

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