Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Day That Ends in Y

Weird burst of energy last night and I entertained the notion of staying up until dawn painting the Tween Dream ceiling.  Then the TheraFlu kicked in.  I was out before midnight.  thankgod.  Because my fuse is short enough without volunteering for sleep deprivation while trying to stave off a cold.

The Great Garage Remodel/Tween Dream Room project is finished!  Mostly!  Except for all the finishy parts!  but the major construction parts are done.  awesome.  Or if you were my father then you would react with a wholebody weepy shudder of relief like they just rescued six babies from a Chilean mine.  (he overreacts to stuff)

So now I get to paint!  And the carpet dude is coming this afternoon to measure and try to guilt me in to buying the more expensive cheap carpet from "his guy" even though the less expensive cheap carpet is exactly the same AND less expensive from the place where "his guy" is not employed.  I've done recon and the carpet dude hasn't met me in person yet so he doesn't know he's about fail miserably at an upsell.  sorry carpet dude.  damn economy.

As I spot-primed the ceiling yesterday between emailing and general mom stuff I realized I'm going to have to prime and paint the whole damn ceiling which I am less than thrilled about for reasons that will not surprise anyone who has had the pleasure of painting a ceiling before.  But compared to my last ceiling painting experience this Spring when I nearly killed myself several times navigating bedroom furniture I think this will go more smoothly.  As there's no furniture in the room yet or carpet to spill stuff on or ceiling fans to circumvent...all I expect is neck pain but other than that, I should be okay.  That's today's project.

Oh!  AND it's officially been two weeks since I had a cigarette.  I know this because of the whole countdown/countup thing and because I grabbed the last patch from the box yesterday.  Given how snappy I've been getting toward the end of the 24 hour periods of patch wearing, we're definitely going to need another box of those.  But still!  Better snappy than smokey, right?  no sudden movements, just slowly nod yes.  So, two weeks!  yay!

And my Vice Minion called yesterday asking why we didn't put anything in the local paper about our amazing reunion and that we donated $1000 from the party to our high school's scholarship fund.  And all I could offer was that we forgot? and I ran out of reunion steam after it was all done?  Adrenaline crash?  So he's going to make some calls and get some press.  Because why not?  Pleasant Valley readers, I'll let you know when to look out for that.

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