Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It'll be two weeks on Thursday of not smoking.  TWOWEEKS.  Not only am I out of counting hours now but I'm anticipating whole weeks.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call progress.  I progressed so far that I didn't even put on a new patch right away yesterday after I took the one off.  Just thought I'd see how long I could go without supplemental nicotine.

Then sometime this afternoon when my temper went off like a freshly lit string of firecrackers over some series of entirely inconsequential things it occurred to me that maybe slapping a patch on would be a good idea.

So...not quite fully recovered just yet.  But getting there.  Not absently reaching for the cigarettes anymore.  Although I had to put away the bowl of Halloween candy because there's only so many mini Reese's Cups I can blindly eat before my clothing options involve an elastic waistband and I sweartogod I'm going to go on a date eventually and that just won't do at all.  ::headdesk::

So anyway, I feel like I've been being ranty here lately.  And I really don't want to do that.  I'm totally blaming the quitting smoking thing.  That has to be it.  Because the Tween Dream Garage Remodel is almost finished.  We've picked out paint and we're about two decisions away from a carpet.  And then there's furniture and stuff.  AND X casually asked what I wanted to do with the living room floor while we're at it.  Because the concrete floor is fine (obviously) but it can't stay like that forEVER, Silver.  I mean...

So yeah, after a little over a year of wanting it, I might actually get a real floor.  So there's that.  Which is exceptionally cool, make no mistake...but I'm reserving full jubilation for when I can actually slide across said floor in socks.  I'm no stranger to the empty promise is what I'm saying.

Oh, and totally unrelated, there's all this rumbling in the blogosphere about this Mom 2.0 conference?  I heard some about this at Blogapalooza in August but it really hasn't been on my radar since I don't consider myself a typical Mommyblogger (or typical Mommy anything for that matter) so the name...well, the name didn't really grab me.  And now there's all this chatter going on about men at women's conferences and I don't know where I fall with that one.  I see both sides of the issue.  I'm just watching the debate for now.  Anyway, now Mom 2.0 is on my radar.  Because of course people get into heated debates about it right as the last discounted price offer expires.  You think that coincidence is lost on me?  It isn't.

I haven't decided yet about Mom 2.0.  Still focusing on Blogapalooza in San Diego next August.

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