Friday, November 12, 2010

Something I Want

So, okay.  This idea of writing professionally.  Not new for me.  I've let it marinate in my head for the appropriate several year waiting period before I decided to take action.  I signed up for a newsletter a few years ago, FundsforWriters.  It's weekly. Comes on Fridays.  Mentions helpful tips and contests and stuff.  I don't always read it but I don't consider it spam.

Tonight?  Newsletter said Southern Living is looking for writers.  Southern.  Living.  I know, there are other more accessible places to find a footing in the world of published writing.  I swear I'm gonna email them too...but...SouthernLiving.  My go big or go home self couldn't resist.  I emailed the link within ten minutes.  "When's your deadline?"

You know what the Southern Living lady came back with?  Basically, "Excellent question.  Here are our guidelines and deadlines.  Please send a resume and writing samples."

I read that and thought *BLINK!*  Um.  resume?  writing samples?  like published...samples?  Um.  I got a blog and smart people like it, does that count?  I'm thinking of spreading my wings?  starting here?  

I maybe should have thought this through a little more when I saw "" in her email address.  But.. GO BIG OR GO HOME!  and people are people, right?  She was really speedy in her response...this could work in my favor?  Also...I suck at moderation?

Soooo, I still want to do a Person of the Week or Month or something for the local site even though I don't have tattoos or colored hair and I'm pushing 40 and drive a beat up minivan.  But my name is Silver for cryin' out loud. (that's gotta make up for the lack of ink and general boring candy shell)  AND...I will continue to want and strive for more. the gooey center, writing department I mean. 

it's just something I want.


Jason said...

I would totally subscribe. And I'm in California, fer chrissakes.

Silver said...

The comment above is an unsolicited endorsement and solid evidence that I should be published for serious instantly.

This is ME helping YOU.
That's what I do.