Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blurring the Lines

The crazy must be piling up because lately I'm thinking to myself in blog.  Words start to bubble to the surface and soon it becomes this roiling thing in my head reaching out with tendrils growing to branches unfurling swirls and layers of tumbling thinkingness until I can't even procrastinate with Spider Solitaire anymore because the words are clogging up my whole brain.

Soooo, HI!

Okay, I mentioned a couple of posts ago how I was being my Junior Counselor to the Free World self over at right?  I did a podcast for them that one time?  And you all listened to it and thought it was much better than CATS and you'd listen again and again?  Remember that?  Well, I did another podcast.  This time it was a video which you can download from here:

I make my appearance around the 50 minute mark of the video and if you don't have the time or inclination to go listen to my SAGE WORDS OF ADVICE, just know that I did the podcast in catface makeup.

Like so:
Because when someone tells me they're having problems getting along with people and they just don't know what in the world could be wrong and HALP! and then I get clickety and find out pretty quickly that this guy belongs to the Furmunity and identifies more strongly with a German Shepherd Dragon Hybrid at times than regular human people?  I'm doing the podcast in catface because I think that's a kind of significant detail that might factor in to your interpersonal relationships and next time you might want to mention that because see how being a humanimal might be a little distracting?  And I'm not even mentioning the pregnancy fetish thing.  So, what I'm saying is that I'm not a One Size Fits All junior counselor, okay?  It's called caring, people.  I haz it.

Anyway, that's just a smidge of what I've been up to.  Also I want to address the blurring of virtual and 3D people lines, because that's something I've been bumping up against lately.

See, I run into people I know in 3D who've stumbled across the blog (hey! maybe it's you) and it's always awkward for me because I have to wonder if I've talked shit about you here and what dear diary insanity you may have read about me so far. Because you don't really say what you've read, you just give me a knowing look and tell me I'm an amazing writer which, y'know, *BLUSH! and Thanks! and all and I don't know what to say except I'm a little paranoid now and how long have you been lurking around for god sakes?!  sorry.  It just seems weird to me that we've run into each other at little league and the grocery store with the neighborly "hey there" head nod 27 times and all of a sudden I find out you know my secrets.  that's all.  

Because I want to write more.  I do.  It's therapeutic for me and stuff.  I can't believe I made time to do this every day for most of last year just because why not.  And I could kick myself for checking out right before the entire blog awards season because I think I could have gotten an honorable mention or something from somebody.  yeesh.  But that wasn't the point.

The point was that while it's liberating to splay myself wide open all over the internet, knowing that my audience is just as likely to live around the corner as across the country is something I'm still working at reconciling.

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MSimmons said...

Not sure if I should be insulted or amuzed. Both are having a battle for supremacy, though I think the amused is going to win out. Thanks again for the thoughts and ideas Silver.