Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First Step: Small Victories

Dammit I didn't mean for it to be this long between writing.  There was a flurry!  I was on a roll!  And  I wrote twelve different times since then but I got distracted in the middle and now it's three weeks later and...hi.

I cleaned out my pantry today.  There was an unacceptable moth problem.  It had to be done.

In unrelated news, I roasted beets with butter on the grill tonight and braised the leafy beet tops like fresh spinach.  Two side dishes for the price of one!  You should know two things here: 1.  I'm not historically a fan of beets and 2. I will rat out my own terrible cooking quicker than anybody.  So please take my word for it when I tell you, they were fantastic and if you're open to new things you should give this a shot.

BEET RECIPE (feel free to skip ahead)

Get a bunch of beets with the leafy stems still attached.
Wash said beets.

Braised leafy stems part: 
Cut off the stems and rough chop in 1 inch sized (ish) pieces.
With a little bit of water still on them, place them in a skillet with a lid.
Cook and toss over medium heat until they're wilty.
Butter, salt.  voila.

Whole Beet part: 
Lightly peel the beet bodies.
Cut into potato salad sized pieces.
Throw 'em in a foil packet with a couple TBSPs of butter.
Grill on medium hot for about half an hour.

My sister likes them with Balsalmic dressing.  I thought they were fine plain.

Anyway, that was my food discovery tonight because I've been in the market for cheap fresh vegetables the kids haven't tried yet and someone mentioned that today.  So I'm sharing with you.  *curtsy

What else...hmm...if you live within 500 miles or a day's drive of Virginia Beach and the business you work for is looking for a destination to have a meeting or conference or something, please let me know.  Even if you already have an in-house person who plans events normally, I can work with her and get you guys a local's eye view of the area.  Even if you've been here four times, I promise we have so much better stuff you don't even know about yet, too many people come here and end up with all the crappy, touristy stuff.  I would be honored to be your sherpa.

Also, I've been letting the Things stay at home alone while I go to work for a few hours in the mornings.  Despite my fears, they've told me they don't feel "neglectioned" at all and I'm a good mom for trusting them.  Before you roll your eyes to the point of needing replacement surgery, let me relay this morning's check-in conversation with Thing 1.

"Hey kiddo, how's it going?"
"Pretty good.  [thing 2] is out playing"
"Did you have breakfast yet?"
"Not yet.  I just got up.  I'm about to do my workout.  Then I'm gonna have some breakfast and take a shower."
"Wow.  Okay."
"Oh, also, I changed the toilet paper roll"
"Yeah.  Is it okay if I do some laundry later?"
"Um...yeah.  Of course.  You remember how?"
" know what, let me call you back when I'm ready for that."
"'kay, bye Mom."

Now, the fact that HE CHANGED THE TOILET PAPER ROLL WITHOUT BEING ASKED practically deserves a parade.  And when he called me back later for the laundry instructions?  *sigh.

I'm just really super proud of him is all.

Oh, and hey, Future Daughter in Law?  You're welcome.

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