Friday, August 5, 2011

A Smattering from the Edge

~~The one good thing about spending 10 days in the hospital with children drugged on pain meds is that there's time to read.  At page 514 I am smack in the middle of A Dance with Dragons.  It's the latest George R.R. Martin book and I've been waiting for it for a bajillion years now.  I remember more frivolous times in my life when I could devour thousand page books in that amount of time or less.  Gone with the Wind, the Robert Jordan series...*sigh.  And I'm trying to take more time with this book, read it carefully, because it's so intricately written I feel like I need to pay attention.  So there's that.

But it's a great book and worth the wait and the HBO series hasn't compromised the reading at all except for when I read the characters now I see the cast on TV rather than the one I imagined in my head for so many years.  That's tough to reconcile but I'm working through it.

~~BlogHer '11 is happening this week in San Diego.  I'm not there.  For a million reasons I couldn't have been even if I'd made preparations so the happening without me part doesn't sting more than a smidge.  I would like to have met my West Coast blogger people live and in person but maybe they'll pick a place more in the middle for next year's conference and I'll have another shot at it then.  Maybe there'll be some other reason those meetings would take place.  There's time enough in the world if it's meant to be.

~~When you describe inanimate objects with human characteristics, you are not talking about the objects.  A coffee table is not flippant.  A sofa is not morbid.  A paint color is not insane.  I find decorating is like a Rorshach test; I could be wrong but it's always worked for me that way.  Pick things that make you happy.  And if nothing makes you happy?  Then don't pick anything.  I probably do this with more than just decorating.  And this is probably exactly why I'm still single.

~~However, not picking anything doesn't mean you should keep things around that you don't like anymore just because they're somewhat functional.  There's always a sense of loss with demolition, but there is also an overwhelming sense of liberation.  And you have to get rid of some things to make room for new ones.  Even if you don't know what the new things are yet.  Letting go of the things you no longer need is a good start is what I'm saying.

~~My old boss from a few years ago, the first job I was ever fired from, emailed me out of the blue the other day.  She wasn't responsible for firing me per se, but she cleared the path to my altar of sacrifice.  And here she was just popping in via fb to say HI.  My thoughts were: 1. Fuck that psycho, 2. I might should consider updating my privacy settings and 3. if "living well is the best revenge" then what the hell do I have to say back to her right now?  "Despite the lull in beach time, my tan is still killer!"  ?  *ergh*  So I haven't emailed her back.  And even if things do start going well in the near future, I'll probably refer back to my first thought.

~~I need a project.  An outside the house, real world activity.  Audrey suggested a kickball team but I don't think I can bring myself to drive a whole town over to socialize with a bunch of unproven 20somethings for that.  My other option is becoming an active member of Thing 1's middle school PTA.  Google maps reveals no location as a midpoint between the two.

If you see me on the ledge of tall buildings in the next 6 months?  A solid shove in either direction would be welcome.

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