Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Go Big or Stay Home

I know the common M.O. of bloggers is that they're great online but when it comes to real live social interaction they tend toward shy and awkward.  That is so not the case with me.  I'm a joiner.  If there's a club or an activity or any freakin' thing to do live and in person, I'm usually one of the first to raise my hand.  As evidenced by my recent outbreak of joining things.

Remember how I said Google maps didn't reveal a location between kickball and the PTA?  Well, since there's not?  I was compelled to join both in a matter of days.

I'm like a freight train.  You can't stop me.

As of now, I'm on a kickball team called Wasted Potential.  heh.  Our team color is violet.  In true Joiner Geek fashion I've been looking online for fun knee socks to fashion a uniform.  Found these:
 I thought the pink elephants were appropriate.
And the first PTA meeting of the year was tonight.  Of course I volunteered to chair the biggest fundraising event of the school year.  I'm just working on the Dinner portion of the evening though, the Silent Auction is in someone else's hands.  Now, however fantastic I am at doing silent auctions...whew...bullet dodged.  Coordinating just the dinner part?  Cakewalk comparatively.  And that's not til the Spring anyway so I have puh-lenty of time to help out with something else too!  Right?!  Helping coordinate volunteers for every single other activity throughout the school year that people might need volunteers for!  Yay!

Because if I'm doing one thing, I may as well do twenty.  And if there's one good way to meet every possible person in the whole entire school it's begging for encouraging volunteers and rallying troops for the biggest, best special event ever.

I'm being glib, but I'm seriously way more in my comfort zone doing stuff like this than sitting at home under self imposed house arrest not being out in the world.  I mentioned I wanted a project?  Well, there ya go.  Projects found.

I did feel a little like Kristen Wiig's Penelope character from SNL tonight though.  "You need help with a spreadsheet?  Ummmm, I created a huge spreadsheet for my high school reunion?  there were like 20 people involved?  I typed in 500 names and addresses in 6 hours?  mmm'kaaayyyy."  or, "Oh, it's a dinner theater event?  Ummm, I lettered in Theater in Junior High?  And High School?"  "You need newsletter articles?  Ummmm, I'm a writer?"

So, yeah.  I maybe need to tone that down a bit.  Granted, the difference between me and my beloved Penelope is that my things are true but...ergh.  Desperate isn't my best color.

But whatever.  PROJEX!  w00t.  


Anonymous said...

LOLZ. Oh Penelope....

Silver said...

I love her. They could definitely stand to drop the Target cashier and add more Penelope.