Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just Kick the Ball

My kickball team is the human equivalent of one of those cooking shows where the guy comes in and makes dinner from random stuff in your pantry.  Tunafish!  Pretzels!  Barbecue sauce!  WAHLAH!  We're an eclectic mix of people is what I'm saying.  But oddly enough we work well together.  who knew.

Our first game was Wednesday night and we only lost by two.  This is relevant because all the other games were something like 10 point shut outs.  So I'm thinking this means either we played the other worst team in the league or we actually have a competitive shot this season.

I only got to kick once and after a miserably weak foul kick I made legitimate contact and took off like bananas for first base.  But my ball was caught out.  ::scrunchy face::  As far as fielding goes?  Ready position, eyes on the prize.  I proved I'm not afraid to try to catch the ball, but it's painfully evident I have the throwing arm of a 5 year old girl.  Someone suggested rolling the ball next time.  Duly noted.  I concur.

It was a good night despite the loss.  An extra hour of tailgating pre-game could be not entirely unrelated to that assessment.  And I'm extremely glad Audrey suggested this activity for at the very least the next couple months.

The whole idea was to get out of the house and take time to do something just for us.  Me.  Grownups.  whatever.  Meet people.  Be silly.   Blow off steam...that type thing.  Some women shoplift, some hit the spa.  And some of us hit the rewind button so hard we end up in knee socks and ponytails playing kickball like we're twelve.

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