Saturday, October 15, 2011


Do you ever get those out of the blue feelings of people?  You maybe haven't thought of them in years or months or long enough for them to fall off the radar and then all of a sudden they're on your radar again.  They didn't even post anything online, they just pop up inside your head and you wonder how they're doing.

I call that vibing.

They vibe you; you vibe doesn't matter which way it happens but the upshot is that you're thinking of each other.  When that happens I know I should make a call or send an email or a card or something but I'm terrible at that and I don't always do it.  Then I find out two weeks later whoever I was thinking of was just dealing with some major thing at the time I was thinking of them out of nowhere.

I should have called.

I hate that feeling.

I want to do better.

How would you feel if I'm not in the realm of your everyday fb or Tweeple and I DMed you about some status or remark you made that impacted me?

If I said, "Hey, said something about the Myers Briggs test and it seriously fucked with my head." or "'re inspiring me to get my kids into MMA for the right reasons.  I hope your move is going well."  or, "Dear Jett, I just need to know you're here."

Random other stuff too.  "@mayopie: I think of being a nudist sometimes but...y'know...winter."

These are the lines where blog and reality clash.  because I love you dearly but I don't KNOW you know you,  y'know?  we can't sit and have tequila shots coffee and talk it out.

There are way more than just blog people who vibe me btw.  Jessica, John, Mike, Grace, Tami, Clare, Jennifer, Mesmery, Todd, Pete, Gail, Anne, Mark, Tina, Brad, Paul, and so many more...

I don't know...I'm feeling vibes from all different directions right now.  Just because I didn't mention it?  Doesn't mean you're not on the radar.

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Mrs. Kuhtz said...

I usually dream about people in this fashion. I will then track them down. I think about people all the time and never email/text/call/FB/anything. I want to be better. If you figure out a way can you think of shooting me a msg? lol ;)