Thursday, March 1, 2012

The About Me You Won't Read at Match

The problem I have with Disney-style fairy tales is the happy endings.

Not that well told stories shouldn't have happy endings, they should. But Disney and this whole Everyone Is A Snowflake mentality has taken the original myths and fables from Fantastic (and usually pretty gruesome) to glitter littered OMGLUVFANTASTIC!!!! soaked with HFCS and Red Dye #36 and very far from endings that include anyone clamping somebody's feet into iron sandals fresh from the fire and then watching them dance until they're dead.

Like they're supposed to.

The iron sandal bit was the Wicked Stepmother's fate in the Grimm's ending to Snow White is what I meant.

My mother let me read her Grimm book from her childhood and I grew up knowing that Snow White got her Prince Charming. And revenge.

That's the kind of ending I want. Prince Charming at my side while evil dies from a fire.

That's my kind of baggage and fresh start.

I don't even want to imagine the people who would respond to that online personals About Me section.

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