Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Fickle Zealot

If I recall, when last I left you I was all ate up with CrossFit and Herbalism. I'm really sorry to burst your bubble, but it turns out I was completely full of shit. Not only did I give up on the herbalist school, but I also dropped out of CrossFit. Evidently I was doing exactly the thing that I was trying to avoid: latching on to the shiniest trend that caught my eye and obsessing over it with no real follow through.

I would like to justify this by thinking of the whole experience as trying things on for a little while to see how they fit. Except for I kind of convinced myself in the dressing room that the things were going to be my new uniform for ever and ever. heh. So that didn't work out quite like I expected. But you might have seen that coming. Perspective and all.

So now my new latest thing is Real Estate. Because why not? I took an online licensing course which I thought I'd be able to complete with less time and hassle involved than commuting to the physical class for two to eight weeks depending on how I registered. I was incorrect in that assumption. It took me... (counts on fingers)... FOUR MONTHS to get through. In my defense I'm pretty sure I skipped the month of August almost entirely but still. It was a lot longer than I'd originally anticipated.

BUT I FINISHED! Which, if you know me in person, is kind of a big deal because I leave a LOT of unfinished projects in my wake.  butanyway, then I actually took the final exam for the class and PASSED! And a week later I took the State Licensing Exam and PASSED that TOO! Woo hoo!  Except for that was all the way last Friday and it's Wednesday now and I don't quite know what to do next.

Find a Broker is the obvious answer. It's the how of that that's tripping me up at the moment. I just have to call and set up interviews and see which place I like best I suppose.  This is assuming I'm going to be in a position to choose from multiple offers of course. Something about horses and carts here.

ANYWAY, so that's the latest. I just need to keep myself in gear and make a few phone calls and pray to the harmony of the Universe that nobody asks for a resume.

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