Thursday, January 10, 2008

A day much like any other day

Trying to be organized. This is a neverending process. On the outside, I'm pressed and ready to home, the laundry room looks like the dryer exploded. Or it's the other way around, things are great at home but my desk at work is inches deep in phone calls and other information on paper to which I need to attend.

Today was a medium day, not too far off in either direction. I got work that needed to be done done and other stuff I clearly don't care that much about (or it would be taken care of by now) fell by the wayside.

No major crisis, not even any outstanding daily drama. Or maybe it's just a "forest for the trees" thing. What seems regular to me, any other person would walk into and walk right back out of in a hot second.

Damn that high tolerance for pain sometimes.
Que sera.

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