Tuesday, January 1, 2008

In other news

Emotionally messy, yes, but very productive in other ways. I re-did a room in my house this weekend. Paint, furniture, the whole nine. It looks really good. Accessories to follow. Yay.

Painting is like meditation. It was a very "Karate Kid," Zen-like event...in a funny, deadline-crunch kind of way.

New year, new stuff, makes sense right? Normally my new year starts in September. With a birthday at the end of August it's just my natural time to get things in order. I gave up making January resolutions in junior high because I knew I'd never stick to them. This year may be different.

An evaluation at the time of the calendar new year after a few months since my natural new year brings me to resolve...what?

Stop talking about what I want to do and start talking about what I've done. This means DOING the things I've talked about for so long, like starting a business, building a treehouse, landscaping my yard and establishing myself as an influential social icon in a very subtle yet positive and effective way. Get back into playing the drums.

Drums I can totally do, but that social icon one is such an intangible. I know what it will feel like when it happens, but I know what the business or the treehouse will look like when it's done. Achievable goals...that's what I need.

Drums, skate ramps and rope swings...that's '08 for me.

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