Monday, July 21, 2008


My friends in high school and I used to ask each other if we were crazy. It wasn't in a "How cool am I?!" way while crushing beer cans on foreheads or anything, but more in an, "Am I completely insane?" way either before or after watching some David Lynch movie or "The Shining" (which still haven't fully forgiven them for tricking me into).

Our answer to each other always was, "If you have the presence of mind to consider the question, the answer is probably 'no,'" or something similarly articulated at the time. There were a few of us who probably would have been flagged as potential school-shooters if we lived as teenagers in the world today. I mean, we wore black on purpose…who wouldn't flag that now?

Even now, despite my Democratic, charity-loving sensibilities, I personally hate both Ritalin and the entire "politically correct" movement for the current plight of misunderstood teenagers in America.

This has only vague things to do with what I meant to write about. I was wondering today if I was a Pod Person.

With all my recent free time, I did yard work today like a Mexican on crack and had a moment. It was very therapeutic which means, "not entirely welcome at the time, but ultimately very helpful." Kind of like the moment when you see a picture of yourself and you realize you're much less cute in reality than you thought you were at the particular moment the picture was taken. I imagine those poor idiots in the "Girls Gone Wild" videos have felt this too.

I have been kind of a hypocrite for an unexplained period of time and feel weird about that now that I realize it.

When I was 12 and my father said, "The things you don't like most about other people are really the things you don't like about yourself," I thought I got it. But you go through those periods of self righteousness and you forget that sometimes…at least I know I do.

Today I heard it again from the inside. Tough stuff Dad.

Thank you.

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