Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mental Meandering

I am having another one of those nights when my brain won't turn off. Mental meandering follows.

It has been raining for DAYS. Not good, torrential thunderstorms either just this drizzle that keeps everything grey and soggy. People are excited that it's making the flowers grow, but I'm watching my yard turn more purple by the day with whatever blanket of weeds pops up each Spring. I personally like having a purple yard this time of year; I think it's a cheerful reminder that consistently warm weather is approaching...my neighbors are not as keen on it. Neighbors...not going to get into that now.

Now, I am listening to rain (which I really do like...in moderation), but I have been hearing other things on the roof that don't sound at all like rain. It sounds like squirrels recklessly attempting gutter repair. Is it even squirrel season anymore? I mean, it's Virginia so I guess it's always squirrel season here...but honestly, what kind of idiot squirrels are out romping in this weather at this time of night?! Then I start to think, "maybe it's a possum." *shudder* Getting up close and personal with a possum is not on my list of things to do tonight, or ever for that matter. Possums bother me...or is it possi? Anyway, I know I have a family of them living in the backyard and I have already come as close to one as I care to get. Creepy looking fuckers those are, and they don't seem scared of me in the least. That is a problem. I have visions of walking out on the deck with a flashlight to see just what the hell is going on over my head only to be greeted by a possum snout with two beady, reflective eyes glinting at me over the gutter. I would shriek and probably slip on the rain soaked wood trying to get back into the house and then be pounced upon by what I estimate is a solid 25 pounds of mischievous, nocturnal rodent. ...But it's probably just stupid squirrels.

I am writing in my bedroom. I always see people on TV or in movies with laptops in the bedroom. This is the first time I have brought mine into this space. I don't have one of those perfect bedrooms made for lounging with a laptop. It's not completely awful or anything, but I could really do better in this department. The walls are a great shade of yellow; I love this color although it probably isn't feng shui savvy. The problem is, the walls are only mostly painted...they've been this way for almost exactly 4 years. I kind of started backwards with that project. See, when I found the color, I was so excited to finally have something of MY choosing to go in MY bedroom that I never could have gotten away with when I was married; the day I brought the gallon home from the store I started rolling it on like a woman possessed. Apparently I have issues when it comes to decorating with paint. Anyway, I didn't cut in around the corners and trim the way I know you're supposed to first and I really should have bought two gallons instead of one because I only got three walls painted before I ran out. The only way I have allowed it to stay like this for so long is that I painted the three walls I can see when I'm in bed, so it's been kind of "good enough" and I'm only in here to sleep anyway...so who cares? By the time I finally get around to completing this room, I'll be redefining the space and will more than likely choose another color for the walls. Probably something more feng shui-ish...I think they recommend pink. Good grief though, I can't stand that over the top girly crap. For those of you who like that, have at it...more power to you. For me though, being surrounded by Precious Moments figurines and cutesy pictures of shoes would make me climb out of my skin.

It's going to be a while before I get back to this anyway, because I'm still in the middle of doing the kitchen. Need more primer and I have got to fix this awful gash in the wall where a cabinet used to be. I've even cheated a smidge and moved the refrigerator so that the gash is temporarily hidden, but if I don't get this repaired it will be my version of Poe's Telltale Heart and haunt me for absolutely ever. Dread isn't exactly the feeling you want when you walk into your kitchen. Besides, I'm pretty sure dread is a major feng shui no-no. You know, I really don't mind starting these projects. I don't even mind doing them. It's the finishing part I find challenging. Is it too late to give up procrastination for Lent?

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