Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reunion Stuff

I did reunion stuff today.  Sort of.  I got an independent website (roughly) put together and went to a bank asking questions about setting up an account for the party.  Do I need a Tax ID?  We're donating any "leftover money" to the school's scholarship fund...do we set up as a non-profit?  Seven months left.  SEVEN freaking months.  What the hell happened to February?!  (oh yeah, I got all blogtacular.  nevermind)

Anyway, our next meeting is next week and I got indians asking questions.  I am standing here looking around for the chief when I remember I am the chief.  Shit.  Just trust me people, it's going to be good.

The place I have reserved is big enough to hold my projected count of guests.  Now, if suddenly all 553 members of our graduating class emerge from the Bermuda Triangle and decide to attend with plus ones and members of other classes say, "Hey, looks like fun!  I wanna come too with MY plus one!"  Well then, buy your ticket online (as soon as I get our bank account in place and activate paypal...gimme a minute), send our budget into the healthy five-figure range and I'll plan the killerest high school reunion this town has ever seen.  Otherwise...just...shhhh.

It's not an overscheduled weekend.  Friday night: homecoming football game with tailgate and afterparty.  Saturday: extended happy hour reunion party.  Sunday: if you want to go to brunch or church, you're on your own (if someone else wants to coordinate those, feeeeel free.  I plan on playing dead at the time).  We're not having a Formal night.  People are going to have opinions about that.  Guess what I say again...shhhh.  I haven't seen you at a planning meeting yet.  You haven't been imagining what you want this party to be like for the past two years...eh, take that back.  Maybe you have imagined it but you haven't done anything about it.  You want to take over?  Show me.  Besides, who really needs another bullshit awkward cocktail party? 

I am planning a laid back oyster roast on the water at sunset.  Come as you are. [mind wanders to Nirvana lyrics] ...as you were.  as I want you to be.  as a friend.  as an old enemy.  [back to clarity]  Anyway, yeah, don't stress about losing the weight OR about losing the hair, the job, the life you thought you'd have had by now and don't spend too much money on clothes, painful shoes and hotels.  Don't put on some stupid fake cocktail party mask.  Please.

I just want oysters and beer on the inlet with old friends.  Skip the pretense.  Swear to god no one will remember your tie or your shoes (unless they're really bad and then we'll talk about it forever). 

Just be who you are.  Does that make sense?