Monday, May 31, 2010

Awkward Moment. Topic: Weight

I had an awkward exchange with a neighbor friend the other day.  To preface, she is a full-figured woman, easily 7 or 8 inches taller than me and has an Apple body frame (as opposed to Hourglass or Pear-shaped for the guys if they don't know what the hell that means).  No judgement there, only description.  Anyway:

Me: oooo - cute top.  Where'd you get it?
Her:  Oh, I don't know.  Dress Barn maybe?  I don't know if they have any in the "teeny tiny" section though.
Me: [seriously?  wtf?]  heh heh - well, I guess I'll just have to check then.  It's really cute.  And, y'know...I've done some time in Lane Bryant myself. [wait, what?!]
Her:  [sideways glance, raises eyebrow]
Me: [RETREAT!]  I mean. uh. thanks to. uh.  Weight Watchers.  y'know. 
Her:  uuuhhh-huh
Me:  [holy crap.  ABORT!]  Okay, well thanks for lettin' Tyler hang out today!  We'll see ya later!  kthxbah!
Her:  Oka-ay.  See ya later!
Me:  [holy fuck, Silver.  Don't you ever know when to shut up?!]

Apparently not.  Because she doesn't know I was heavy for a while.  She just thinks I'm some skinny brat now.  But wait, she was the one who made the "teeny tiny" dig...shit.  I don't know.

See, I gained a lot of weight with both pregnancies and knew Weight Watchers was the only thing that would save me.  I have zero self-discipline usually and had a feeling that if I didn't make a serious effort immediately then I would still be referring to "baby weight" when my kids were in high school.  Because I would totally do that.  Anyway, that knowledge and a couple rolls of hellatiously unflattering pictures from a party where I thought I was looking cute as a button were all the inspiration I needed.  And that trip to Lane Bryant because I couldn't shop in regular stores anymore.  ouch.

Anyway, Weight Watchers.  Weekly meetings, counting points, portion control and lots of water.  And some walking.  A year later I not only reached my goal but passed it by enough to be less than pre-baby weight.  I believe that was exactly when X and I split.  Coincidence?  Doubtful.  The weight loss had made it apparent that certain other things could no longer continue as they had either.  And it's way more complicated than that of course.  And I'll have to save that Boy, Was My Face Red moment for a completely other time.  If ever.  holy cow that's a crazy embarrassing story.

Anyway, after 6 years I have managed to keep the weight off despite a brief period of "grief gain" in 2008.  Subsequent job loss, depression and not a lot of money for luxury food (for myself I mean, the kids always ate fine) tah-dah!  Back in business.

But WHATEVER!  She didn't know that.  She just thinks I'm one of those people who I used to hate seeing at the gym back in my Big T-Shirt Brigade days.  But, meh?  I'm proud of my achievement and she's pretty cool so I think she'll shrug it off.  Everybody says dumb stuff sometimes. 

I think my original point was, "Know your audience" when talking about stuff like that.  Because sometimes I forget.  But then YOU get another life tip!  I'm just chock full of 'em these days.  dear lord.

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