Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In a Parallel Universe I Am Organized

In a parallel universe, I am an incredibly organized person.  There are places for things and those things stay put.  Or they are very promptly returned to their places at least.  I have calendars that mark every single scheduled event, not just the ones I write down when I can find a pencil.  (sofa cushions)  There are lists of things to do with every one crossed off.  I certainly don't spend five minutes searching for a matching sock, that would be insanity!  And I always know where the TV remote is.  I never wish it had a pager like the cordless phone.  Which I never need to use because it always goes right back on the charger after a call.  Always.

And in a parallel universe I have a binder full to bursting in perfect chronological and alphabetical order (but not color coded because I would forget what the colors mean in that universe too) of every minute detail of my Twenty Year High School Reunion.  And all the To Do lists are crossed off there too.

Because in this universe?  I didn't even schedule a committee meeting this month.  Minions all over Pleasant Valley are confused and fearful I may have forsaken them.  I did promote a friend to Vice Minion though because we were on the phone discussing the party and cracked each other up with inappropriate humor and he volunteered to take on stalking the 30 names I got stuck with.  And he's a really good troop rallier.  So now he's Vice Minion.  This makes him proud.

But that's all I've done and that's not enough because October 16th will be here before I know it because where the hell did May go?!  So, if I stop using facebook for goofy comments and start using it for networking again I will probably ease the minions' worry and calm their nerves a great deal.  As well as my own.  And I gotta plan this beach party in June which isn't anything more than picking a date and place and making an event page.  Cake walk.  I can do that in five minutes.  Not tonight though.  DVR tonight.  Totally missed Glee and last half of Biggest Loser.  I know!  I can't believe it either. 

Anyway, if you're bored with me right now, go read Outnumbered.  I'm going through his stuff these days and think he is a very charming, funny guy.  He's the guy I imagine some of my best friends from growing up have become as adults.  At least I hope they have.

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