Sunday, June 6, 2010

Burning with Possibilities

So, it's 95 million bajillion degrees lately, right?   Guess what.  I LOVE that.  I am what Dad's office manager calls "Southern Fried."  As in, if it's below 70 degrees?  I'll be wearing a sweatshirt probably.  95 degrees baking in the sun at a ball game all afternoon?  Hit me with some SPF 4, shades and lotsa water...I'm good. 

I haven't even turned on the AC yet.  Ants could have shorted it out again this year...I wouldn't know.  Fans.  Open windows.  Whatever clothing I'm forced to wear will be of the not-touching-my-skin-a-whole-lot variety.  Now, I'm not stupid enough to push a lawn mower through this visible haze of heat.  But you might find me sweating my face off weeding what will someday be a flower bed but still looks like a lunar landscape because I'm waiting for the outlaws to do the stupid garage remodel.  But I'm not asking them about that.  Not one word.  Reverse Jedi Mind Tricks have now taken the form of an old school air raid drill.  Black out curtains, radio silence, the whole nine.  Pretending like I'm invisible will cause them to take action way quicker than if I made a huge deal out of this.  What?  You don't want it now?  Listen, missy, you'll get that construction whether you like it or not!  oh, wait...not the point.

Anway, we didn't have Central Air when I was growing up.  I mean, everybody else on the planet seemed to but we did not.  We had strategically placed window units in bedrooms.  Only to be turned on at night.  Otherwise you ran your ass under a sprinkler or went to the beach.  I am conditioned for the hazy, humid heat that summer brings.  And I absolutely love it.

In other news, I had a delightful time goofing over at MamaPop about the MTV Movie Awards tonight.  I was so bummed that nothing was on TV...I was really thinking True Blood would start tonight.  hrrrmm...nope.  Then, thanks to twitter...Snarkfest!  9 pm!  Hell yeah!  Does it matter that I haven't even seen a movie in the theater since I forget when?  God that sucks.  I used to see every movie as soon as it came out except the scary ones.  I miss movies.  Whatever!  Apparently it doesn't matter!  I know who these people are.  I'm not dead for god sakes.  I can throw my two cents in about how Kristen Stewart = ugh and that's just fine.  Anyway...I joined in the comments over there and that was really fun. 

So fun that I am seriously losing it about going to blogapalooza.  Really.  Geeking big time.  Like, visualizing outfits and parties and conversations and everything.  I think I may even get (don't laugh) business cards.  (I heard that)  Why business cards?  I have no idea.  Oh wait, somebody suggested it in a blog post.  Networking!  I thought, "Really?  That's what you do?  Okay, well, I guess I should get some business cards then."  Which was a totally dumb realization to come to because I used to live outside of DC where business cards fly like confetti.  Of course I should get cards.  duh.

Anyway, this post doesn't really have a point.  I am thrilled that it's finally hot enough to feel like summer and blogapalooza has got me reeling with ideas. 


Wendi said...

Business cards - yes. I did mine through Vista Print (.com) and am quite happy with them.

Of course, having them and remembering to give them out? Two entirely different things.

Silver said...

Crap. I accidentally deleted comments I think. WTF?! Did NOT mean to do that.

Anyway, Wendi, yeah I'm familiar with Vista, but I have a local business I think I'm gonna throw money at.

And Jules! Thanks for the True Blood kinship! If you like vampirey/horror fiction check out

Silver said...

and I DIDN'T delete the comments! grrr...I mean YAY!...but seriously, they were GONE for a second there.