Monday, June 7, 2010

Just Swim, Okay?

You are not a piece of driftwood in the river of life.  Swim already.

I said that twice today to two different people.  I guess this is something about which I need reminding?  Maybe we all do from time to time? 

I definitely don't feel like driftwood right now, three dimensionally I mean.  There are choices being made and actions being taken all over the place.  I'm even going to the MamaPop Sparklecorn Extravaganza now!  Writing is eluding the hell out of me at the moment but I'm pretending not to notice that because I'm sitting here typing anyway. 

However, if my camera weren't all wonky right now you can bet you'd be seeing a picture or ten.  And if I had one single, solitary cohesive point to make that I could wrap up in less than four minutes without saying "Um" 57 times?  Vlog.  Totally.

See, the camera's gone haywire because Thing 2 seems to have inherited my gift of zapping electronic equipment.  Some of you may be new.  You may not be aware that I blow out at least one dozen light bulbs every month.  I thank heaven for DVR because VCRs and DVD players used to die after about 3 months of being in my presence.  Microwaves?  Can't do those either; they turn on when I'm not even in the room and start running.  For 44:44 random minutes if I didn't unplug them.  sweartogod.  very creepy.

Thing 2 killed the battery in my phone AND my camera one afternoon last month.  Each appliance spent five minutes in his hot little hands and *poof!* dead beyond recharging.  Of course I'm a little proud of him for that but I really don't want to hassle with replacing a camera.  I'm hoping if I just let it sit for a while it will right itself.   I like the new phone though (yeah, I'm a dummy.  forgot to get the phone that takes pictures.  be quiet).

So anyway, back to the driftwood thing?  Seriously, SWIM.    I don't care if it's up, down or sideways.  As long as it's not backwards.  You are not a salmon; you didn't leave your keys upstream.  Just pick a forward-ish direction and swim.  Please?  While the water is calm?  Because the rapids are coming up and it's going to be a lot harder to get your bearings after that. 

I'm sure I need to remind myself of this too but that doesn't mean it's not good advice.

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