Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Making a Pitch for the FB Fan Page.

Hey guess what!  There's now a facebook fan page for Silver Thinks

I KNOW!  Really though, try to contain your excitement...I don't want you to draw unnecessary attention to the amount of work you are NOT doing right now at the office. 

Okay.  So.  What you do is take a look over to the right hand side of the page...scroll down a smidge if you have to.  There should be a fan page badge thingy over there.  Go to facebook and "Like" it, 'kay?  The only reason I ask this is so I can get the Networked Blogs application to kick in.  And that won't kick in if I don't have...um...ANY fans.  And I kind of can't click on the Like thing because if I do then my DAD might come over and check this out and for the time being I'd rather he stay sort of oblivious to the whole deal if that's okay with you.   Not like I have to justify why I'm not going to be the biggest narcissist on the planet but y'know...whatever. 

Anyway, I understand there's a fine line between self-promotion and just flat out annoying as all hell.  I am trying to walk that line carefully.  As evidenced by my secret cabal of readers.  I cherish each of you.  I also feel it is time to allow others into the fray.  See, there's blogapalooza coming up and I would like to have some semblance of knowing what in the godbless I am doing before I go.  This is a small start.  I appreciate your support. 

And really, I'm just trying to make it easier on you.  Say you have this site bookmarked.  Fine.  I have NO PROBLEM with that at all.  I'm happy to have you over...whenever you remember to click over here anyway.  See, I also have a few sites bookmarked.  Some of them I haven't checked in quite a while.  For example, I have NO clue what the Walmart crowd is wearing these days.  ugh.  I know.  I should be fired.  ANYway, what I'm saying is that a daily fb reminder of, "Hey, Silver is probably still over there going bananas!  What's that crazy girl gotten herself into now?" might make your morning coffee taste a little better.  Not saying I'm any more fucked up than you are, certainly not saying I am any less so...all I mean is that sometimes it's nice to take a little break from that baby or that boss that's driving you nuts and spend a minute or two in someone else's head.

maybe.  I know it makes me feel better in the mornings to check what all you silly internetsters are up to.  Just trying to be helpful. 

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