Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finding the Funny

When someone tells you the only friend they've had since they were little just shot herself in the head a month ago the appropriate response is probably not to fall over laughing out loud.  We couldn't help it though. 

Jessica and I had an advanced case of the giggles at this woman's oversharing already and when she dropped that bomb it was beyond hilarious to us.  Out of context it probably isn't as funny but I swear if you had been there you would have completely fucking lost it.  As it was, Jessica, who is one of the most sweet, smart, genuinely nice and loving people I have ever known in my life almost fell to the ground in hysterics at that statement.  All I could think to do was slap my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing in this woman's face. 

Jessica composed herself quickly enough and asked, "Was she local? What was her name?"  I bit back laughter as I said, "That's so sad.  I  am so sorry."  Jessica and I looked at each other and couldn't help the shaking, eye-closing, snorting practically to tears laughing that came after.  It was too much.  It was such a bizarre thing to say.  We didn't even know this person.  She just stopped at the table to bum a cigarette and 10 minutes later we were in the middle of Bizarro Stranger Therapy Land.

The whole night was like that.  The last night of the fishing tournament party.  God, it was so much fun.  There was flirtiness, dancing, belting out Journey and Billy Joel songs on the dance floor in over-the-top theatrics.  One woman was dressed in an outfit reminiscent of Sandy from Grease in the carnival scene but with super white blonde punk rock was incredible.  And I mean that to be both unbelievable and amazing.  Holy fucking crap I couldn't take my eyes off her.

I got knocked out of Simon Says early tonight because I was too focused on figuring out my left foot from my right and stomped even though the guy didn't say Simon Says.  dammit.  But I already got the Counting Crows tickets last night anyway so who cares.

And Jessica got flirted with and I'm pretty sure she got kissed too although the guy isn't someone she's probably going to pursue.  Practice.  We divorcees need that.  And I got flirted with too.  We'll see if anything happens there.  But ohmygod the laughing.  All night long we found the funny everywhere and just killed ourselves with the laughing.  There were so many times she said, "Put that in the blog!" that I can't even remember all of them now.  It was nonstop all night of WTF?! moments.

That guy in the green shirt?  Blackbeard's arch nemesis.  His name is Chad.  [dies laughing] 
That guy over there?  His name is Marcus Blankus. [dies some more]

It's not going to stop being funny tomorrow.  It's going to be funny forever.  Jessica and I are going to have to go out way more because we all need to have someone who you can laugh half to death with about the general absurdity of the everyday.  Plus, she's a black belt in Karate and even though I'd probably be quicker to hit somebody than she would...she's actually got the deadly force. 

And I thought *I* was a sneak attack.  Love you, Jess.  Can't wait til next time.

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