Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Baby

Jan Brady's baby had the audacity to sneak into this world in the middle of the night.  I didn't even hear about this until the drive into work this morning which had me pretty much pitching the biggest fit ever.  It was a selfish moment and tomorrow I will apologize to my father for calling and emailing people he hardly even likes before telling me that I had a brand new niece. 

A niece who just snuck right in and will have a hard time competing with her big sister for my affections especially since she didn't hold out until my betting window...but still.  She's adorable. 

Brand New Baby, Golden Niece #2

Me and my Original Golden Niece

This is what a family looks like

To whom I pass the torch as Big Sister

I tried to explain to her that there is a lot of work involved with being a Big Sister and she can always turn to me for help but I think we were more excited about the big fat butterfly balloon in the room and how there were 13 butterflies on her dress to match and how each one of them just happened to be on a tickle spot.


Kimberly said...

Congrats on being an aunt again!

Stephanie said...

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia is hosting a cocktail event in honor of BlogHer Conference attendees, and we’d like to send you an invitation. If you are interested, please let me know where we can email you.

Thank you!

Silver said...

Stephanie - I would love to hear more about the cocktail event. Email me directly at silvervb@gmail.com. Thank you!