Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Am a Telephone Psychic. Maybe.

I am a telephone psychic.  Not professionally I mean.  If Dionne Warwick has cut me any checks I certainly don't know about this.  But I can tell a lot about you over the phone.

It's tone of voice.  It's a lot of things.  I don't know exactly. 

One woman called work yesterday to confirm the time of her appointment that afternoon and I knew she had the wrong number because she wasn't on the books for that day and she hadn't been in since April.  She was a patient.  But something was off.  It just 

So, when she called back later and asked if she could get in anyway and I scheduled her...even though I knew she still wasn't calling the right number.  I knew there was going to be some thing later on.  something.  I knew it.

I mean, she sounded convincing enough on the phone.  She certainly thought she was calling the right place.  But there was something behind it.  He is not the droid you're looking for was the closest thing I can compare it to but *I* wasn't putting out the Jedi Mind Tricks.  I felt them instead.  She simply meant to call someone else and pulled the wrong business card.  And I could sense that over the phone.  I don't know how.  It was just there.

When she called back 20 minutes later and asked if this was a Gastroenterologist's office or a Chiropractor's office and promptly (and politely..important for the receptionist: BE NICE) canceled her appointment when I mentioned the latter?  I championed armed the hell out of the front desk.  Don't think I didn't.  I stood in triumph!  INTUITION WIN for the day! 

I am a telephone psychic.

I can also tell if you're supposed to be there.  Like, if we'll really be able to fix you or not.  If you're the right person for our type of practice.  If for some reason that you don't even know quite yet this is the door into which you should walk.  There's a feeling.  Because there are some people who are jackasses and have no reason to walk in the door but they do it like it's on a dare and they never get anything out of the process.  Those people are not nice to talk with on the phone.

Am I full of shit?  plenty of time, sure.  But not about this.  This telephone thing has been happening for a while.  I knew who was on the other end of the phone 90% of the time long before Caller ID. 

Do you have any faith in intuition at all?  Not for me to know.  All I can assume is that if you're here and you continue to read me then you must. 


Summer said...

Bless that woman's heart. I have a soft spot for confused people.

Also, can you sing like Dionne.

Silver said...

Yeah, genuinely confused people sound different on the phone than the truly stupid ones.

And of COURSE I can sing like Dionne. but not at stoplights.