Monday, August 23, 2010

My Internet Debut. 8.17.96

My first ever picture on the internet was posted in August of 1996.  I attended a DC Darkfriend Social in Arlington, VA because I was absolutely addicted to Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series and there was a club.  I kept reading and reading those books until there were like 12 of them.  Maybe 13?  And then Robert Jordan died.  Dammit.  But I got into George R.R. Martin's stuff after that and I like him way better.  More sex and death in the books.  No vampires whatsoever.  Song of Ice and Fire series.  You should totally read it.

Anyway, back in '96 I was all internetty because I put html event pages together for George Mason University when Al Gore was still concocting his story.  They were technically as savvy as I could manage at the time.  It was 1996.  I'd been a PR major.  This was new to all of us.  Although Hustler seemed to have things down pretty well back then... but for me?  If I could get things to flash and blink across the screen in different colors?  I was practically considered the IT person for the whole floor of my building.  Good enough for government work?  hi. 

But what I was thinking about today was that nothing on the internet ever dies, does it?  Because I actually found that group picture from the Parking Lot From Hell event on August 17th in 1996 and I would absolutely upload it for you here right now but Firefox says, "no."  I was adorable.

So what does this have to do with anything?  Not sure.  Maybe nothing.  Just weird that nothing on the internet ever dies.  That seems a little wrong.

Oh, hey, guess what?  Internet Explorer let me open the picture....
DC Darkfriend Social.  I'm up front in the middle. Like regular.

My internet debut.

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