Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'll Fight 'im For Ya

So, the other day my sister was having a crisis moment.  I rode my bike around the corner to talk her off the ledge.  successfully.  yay.

During this time, some neighbor kids came over and did some kind of weird incessant doorbell ringing/door knocking thing while Thing 1 was home by himself.  Thing 1 was not pleased.  He reacted in a 10 year old not pleased way.  freaking out basically and practicing swear words.  Thing 1 called me on my cell in a panic about it and I came home immediately.  Kid crisis supersedes Sister crisis.

What we found out today?  Neighbor kids video taped this.  and uploaded it to youtube.  Neighbor kids were in deep trouble.  Because Thing 1 already has a personality complex and this?  is unfuckingacceptable.

So, when neighbor kids responsible for this youtube humiliation video came over today I was waiting for them in the driveway.  [hands on hips.  no bullshit Mom voice]  "That video comes down before tomorrow or I call your mother."

Video came down within the hour.  And I've got my eye on that little sonofabitch. Because no fucking way do you mess with my kid like that.

And that's what I think more parents need to do.  It's one thing to make sure your little darling wears a helmet everytime he approaches a wheeled object.  It's something else entirely to know what the hell they're saying and doing with their personal relationships.  Get a goddamn clue please.

Because you can be all up in arms about that youtube video that inspired a suicide but if you don't know your kid is participating in similar activity then you can kiss my ass.

And about that youtube video.  I didn't see it.  But I get the idea.  and it is tragic.

I love the gay community.  Because here's why.  My gaydar didn't kick in until college so at least half the boys I was best friends with/had crushes on in my teens were gay and I was their beard without even knowing what that was.  And they had people say mean things about them all the time which I never totally understood until later but I always vocally defended them because I hate bullies and I stick up for people I care about.  And you can call me names too but you just look like an asshole.  so THERE.

One of the too many to mention examples of my lovely gay friends:  I remember working for this horrible buffet tourist trap down at the oceanfront when I was in college.  After the gaydar kicked in.  There was this guy Jimmy.  He was really, really good looking and so gay he was practically on fire.  Seriously, he used to quote Steel Magnolias constantly and wore a t-shirt with the Trix rabbit on it that said, "Silly faggot, dicks are for chicks!"  *ahem*  pretty sure he was being ironic.  Anyway, we used to scope out men as they walked in the restaurant and call dibs.  "Fight ya for 'im" we'd say.  He usually won. 

Anyway, that's just one of so many moments of my gay friend memories. 

Going out to a club for a "girls night" with Christiano after he broke up with his boyfriend and standing face-to-crotch with a 7 foot tall drag queen and then getting hit on by the lesbian version of Cousin It?  another unforgettable moment. 

My life is richer because these men are in it.  I'm not even mentioning my jealousy over my friend Pete's wedding on the water in Annapolis the month before mine because he and Mark had a Big Band and a sit down dinner and it was completely amazing. 

I'm just saying you shouldn't mess with the people I love.  They are truly lovable people and when you come after them, you are not.  Because "I'll fight ya for 'im" can super easily turn into "I'll fight 'im for ya" and that's not a fight I intend losing.  jackass.


Anonymous said...

Brava, chica! I think this requires it's own YouTube video - a podcast version of these words because the sentiment is damn gorgeous.

Silver said...

Thanks, Emma. A youtube video...hmmmmm...