Friday, October 15, 2010


It. Was. A. Success. 

(and it didn't even happen for real yet)

Tonight was just the pre party.  not even the big show.

And there were so many people across so many social lines and they were all there and they were happy to be there and it much as I wanted and so more than I expected all at the same time. 

It was pretty fucking surreal.

And we met budget already partycostwise and everything else gets donated to the school scholarship fund and...

I'm more than a little blissed out right now. 

Because in the middle of all the SQUEEohmygoditsyouandhereyouareWOW excitement there were real moments of philosophical import not lost.

This.  For me.  Isn't just a party. 

Even though it is.

This party means something.

And that something is good.

And real.

And I am beyond glad you felt it too.

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